A young child smiling at the dinner table with their family


We know that a lot of mums (and dads) rely on mumsnet for advice and reassurance. So we sent BIG milk for testing to 250 mums at mumsnet and they gave us a BIG thumbs up.


"Found the milk tasted really good and my little man was very keen to drink it. He is asking for milk to drink more often since we started testing the milk.“

 "My two-year-old got through it all within two days! He rarely asks for milk otherwise. I also tried it out of curiosity - it has a lovely taste, much creamier than 'regular' milk."


"It's nice to have a product which my daughter drinks anyway which has more added vitamins than the standard milk."

 "The idea of a fresh milk that contains what they need is fantastic. Please put this in stores soon!"