Community liaison meetings

Arla Foods established community liaison meetings, which have been attended by key stakeholders from the local area, to open up communication between Arla and the local community.

One member of each parish council, the ward councillors, members of ACRID and residents immediately adjacent to the site are invited to attend the quarterly meetings and disseminate information back to members of the parish.

Copies of the meeting minutes will be published below and a copy will also be provided to each parish council. If you have any queries that you would like to be raised at the meetings, please contact your local parish council or email aylesburydairy@arlafoods.

Liaison meeting 1 (Nov 2011)
Liaison meeting 2 (Feb 2012)
Liaison meeting 3 (May 2012)
Liaison meeting 4 (Sept 2012)
Liaison meeting 5 (Dec 2012)
Liaison meeting 6 (March 2013)
Liaison meeting 7 (June 2013)
Liaison meeting 8 (Sept 2013)
Liaison meeting 9 (Dec 2013)
Liaison meeting 10 (April 2014)

Q&A for liaison group (April 2012)

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