Warm salad

Warm salad

30 min
No vegetable is left behind in this tasty warm salad full of wonderful broccoli, tomatoes, and aubergines! So, treat your family to it or invite guests over for dinner, because this is a dish meant to be shared with friends and family. It is full of the greens you know and love, but cooked in a way that maximises their flavour and textures to create a delectable salad with a great many sweet and fresh nuances.


Step 1
  • Preheat oven to 180°C.
Step 2
  • On a large baking sheet, add tomatoes to one side of the sheet. Then add almonds to the other side and bake for 8-10 minutes until the almonds are toasted and the tomatoes are yielding or slightly blistering. Remove and set aside.
Step 3
  • Slice the aubergine into long wedges. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the aubergine and cook for about 10 minutes until golden and tender. Remove and keep warm.
Step 4
  • Heat olive oil and add broccoli to the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes until tinged on each side but still a little crunchy.
Step 5
  • To make the dressing, mix olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped capers, and then add a little salt and pepper to taste.
Step 6
  • To assemble, add vegetables to warmed plates, crumbled white cheese, add a little of the dressing, and sprinkle with almonds and some dill.

Before you put almonds and tomatoes in the oven, make sure you divide them all into single layers, so they are cooked and roasted evenly, allowing every bite to be as delicious as the next one.

Questions about warm salad

If you have some burning questions on how to make a warm salad, we have the answers. Below, we help you through some frequently asked questions so you can get to know more about the recipe and dish.

What is a warm salad?
A warm salad is a salad made up of baked, grilled, or otherwise cooked vegetables and greens. There is no single correct way to do it, as all recipes are made with different ingredients, dressings, and cooking methods. We think that this one is quite special, and that is because our recipe includes a delightful, carefully chosen selection of vegetables that go great together: broccoli, aubergine, and tomatoes. These sweet, savoury, and juicy veggies are accompanied by toasted almonds and fresh and tangy dressing with baby capers.
What to serve with a warm salad?
You can serve the warm salad with, for example, grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp – along with potatoes and crusty bread. But that is just one suggestion. You can also serve it on a hot bed of cooked couscous or quinoa if you want. It is also delicious as a side to pasta, lasagna, or the like, perfectly matching the robustness of these dishes as well as adding a light touch. That is one of the great things about this dish; it goes with a lot of different flavours and textures.
Can you reheat a warm salad?
While it is possible to reheat a warm salad, we recommend enjoying it fresh after making it. Reheating the dish can result in loss of crispiness, overcooking, and wilting of the greens, and since these greens’ texture and flavour are essential for this salad, it would be a shame to serve them reheated with a loss of quality. However, if you do decide to reheat it, we suggest removing the toppings, almonds, and white cheese, and reheat on low temperatures.


Trimmed tenderstem broccoli
200 g
Cherry tomatoes
150 g
Chopped baby caper
1 tbsp
Almond flakes
2 tbsp
White cheese block
1 handful
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Serve a warm vegetable salad

If you are looking to try something new and shake things up, look no further. Our warm salad with aubergine and tomato is just the thing for you. Filled with both baked and grilled vegetables, garnished with crumbled white cheese, and drizzled with a delicious, homemade dressing made from baby capers, oil, and lime juice to add some tanginess to the salad. The great thing about salads is that they are simple, quick, and easy to make – and this one is no different. Even though you both have baked and grilled vegetables, it takes almost no time to whip up and assemble. Everything is freshly made and delicious with only a little effort.

It is perfect for serving yourself, your family, or even guests. Although simple, it is a feast for the eyes, and it tastes incredible. So, serve this light, scrumptious salad on weekdays, for weekend dinners with the family or at larger social gatherings; in all cases served alongside other delicious dishes with, for example, grilled meat, pasta, or the like. If salads are your thing, well, we have just the thing for you! Try our wide selection of vegetable dishes that include a fresh tomato and cucumber salad as an easy side dish. Or maybe you want to try a grilled courgette salad full of wonderful flavours!

With crunchy broccoli and tender aubergine

Building the base of the salad with crunchy broccoli and tender aubergine is a brilliant choice. Both are larger vegetables that tend to yield leftovers, giving them even more reason to join a dish like this. The real reason, however, is that they provide an abundance of taste and texture when made just right. Cooking the aubergine in the oven turns them golden and tender. As its vegetably freshness breaks down in the heat, its surface caramelises and enhances the natural creaminess. The result is a savoury, tender, golden vegetable that goes so well with the fresh and tangy dressing. Broccoli on the other hand provides the crunchy mouthfeel that balances out the creamy aubergines. A drizzle of olive oil gives the gorgeous green vegetable a shiny shimmer that makes them look extraordinarily appetising. With but a few minutes on the pan, they will retain their sought-after crunchiness while providing a mild earthy flavour along with subtle sweetness and grilled notes – all perfect for a warm salad.

Baked cherry tomatoes for sweetness

Look to the baked cherry tomatoes for sweetness. The sweet tomatoes complement the fresh and savoury flavours found in the aubergines and the dressing. Spending some time nice and cosy in the oven brings out a lot of goodness. Sure, the sweetness is essential, but a nice bonus is the beautiful bombardment of flavours and textures that come with it. They provide a soft, juicy mouthfeel that feels nothing short of pleasant alongside a crunchy piece of broccoli. Not only that, but they also lend a mildly tangy and umami flavour that fits neatly in the dish. The salad is so deliciously complex that you could justify serving it as a light course on its own!