Tropical smoothie

Tropical smoothie

15 min
Get ready to cheer, smoothie lovers! Enjoy a tasty symphony of sweet freshness with our tropical smoothie with coconut milk and exotic fruit. The beauty of this smoothie is that it is super easy to make in less than 15 minutes, and you only need a few ingredients, including our two exotic favourites; banana and mango. It is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth!


  • Blend mango into a puree at the highest speed and divide it into 2 tall cold glasses.
  • Blend coconut milk, juice, yoghurt, and ripe banana at the highest speed for approx. 30 seconds.
  • Put ice cubes into the 2 glasses and pour the tropical smoothie into them. Serve immediately.

It is perfectly fine to use both fresh and frozen fruit when making smoothies. We recommend using fresh mango or, if you only have frozen mango, letting it thaw before using. You add ice cubes to the mix and pour it all into chilled glasses, so you will get a delicious cold tropical smoothie even if you do not use frozen fruit.


You can store the blended beverage in a closed glass jar in the fridge for 1-2 days. But if you have any leftovers, you can freeze the rest of the smoothie and make small popsicles. Pour the fruity drink into popsicle moulds and freeze until they are solid. Additionally, you can dip the frozen smoothie popsicles in a bit of melted chocolate. It is delicious!

Questions about tropical smoothies

Making frosty and exotic smoothies with coconut milk is easy. All you need is a handful of ingredients, a few minutes of your time, and a good blender so you can enjoy a refreshing, creamy smooth beverage. Read on and find out how to make a tropical smoothie with mango and banana at home.

What is a tropical smoothie?
A tropical smoothie is a thick creamy drink made with tropical fruits and flavours such as mango, banana, coconut milk, and mango-passionfruit juice. Typically, everything is blended until it has a smooth shake-like consistency. For our tropical smoothie recipe, a mixture of coconut milk, juice, yoghurt, and banana is poured over pureed mango, blending the flavours and textures into each other. It is a wonderful and refreshing two-tone exotic drink that is just as pretty as it is tasty.
How to make a tropical smoothie?
Make a fresh tropical smoothie in less than 15 minutes with just a few ingredients. Blend 100 g of mango into a puree and divide into 2 tall, chilled glasses. Next, blend coconut milk, tropical juice, yoghurt, and a ripe banana. Finally, put ice cubes into each glass and pour the banana mixture over the mango puree and ice cubes. Serve the exotic smoothies immediately while they are still cold.
Can you freeze tropical smoothies?
Like all smoothies, these exotic fruit smoothies freeze very well. Once you have blended the mango and the banana-coconut mix, pour the mixtures into separate airtight containers or thick freezer bags. Make sure to remove as much air as possible when sealing everything up to retain and protect flavour and smell. It will keep fresh in the freezer for up to 3 months.


Fresh ripe or frozen, thawed mangos fruit (approx. 2 dl)
100 g
Coconut milk
100 ml
Tropical juice with mango and passion fruit
200 ml
Soured milk, natural, 0.5%
100 ml
Ripe bananas
75 g
Ice cubes

Tropical smoothie with exotic flavours

A tropic smoothie is nothing without its exotic flavours. The bright colours and flavours in this smoothie are pure sunshine in a glass. A layer of coconut milk mixed with yoghurt, banana, and tropical mango-passionfruit juice poured over a creamy, smooth layer of puréed mango makes this fruity drink unbelievably delicious. So much goodness chilled in a cold glass; it is the perfect breakfast or snack option. What better way to start off your morning than with a boost of tropical taste?

Check out more of our smoothie recipes with a bright smoothie bowl garnished stunningly with fresh berries and exotic fruits, a green smoothie with avocado, broccoli, and spinach, or a mango smoothie with freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice. All options work great as a snack or quick breakfast on the go.

Coconut milk for a sweet flavour

The tropical smoothie ingredients include coconut milk, and with good reason. It is the secret ingredient that makes this smoothie insanely delicious and satisfying, adding an irresistibly sweet flavour. The coconut milk is packed with rich tropical flavours and a slightly nutty aroma. It gives these exotic smoothies an enjoyable thick creamy texture, almost like a milkshake, and kicks the coconut taste into high gear. To balance the strong coconut taste, the milk is mixed with yoghurt, banana, and tropical juice with mango and passion fruit that complements the flavour of the coconut milk wonderfully.

Taste mango and banana in tropical harmony

Some fruits just go well together, and a mix of mango and banana is the perfect example of a harmonious pairing. In general, mango is a great team player that enhances the flavours of other exotic fruits. It has a very prominent presence in this smoothie but is balanced by the mildly sweet banana. The bottom layer of the smoothie consists of ripe mango that is blended to smooth, creamy perfection, while the top layer combines ripe banana and mango-passionfruit juice for a well-rounded flavour. The sweet flavours of the mango and banana are perfectly balanced and complement the exotic taste palette in this smoothie wonderfully.

Add your own touch

Cannot get enough of the exotic flavours? Add frozen pineapple to the mango and blend both into a purée. The combination of these two tropical fruits is a match made in heaven. Pineapple has a distinct taste with a fusion of sweet and tart and a hint of citrus that pairs magnificently with the sweet mango. But really, you can combine mango with lots of different tropical fruits, and it will taste just as amazing as our tropical coconut milk smoothie. For a burst of freshness, add a small handful of fresh mint leaves to the banana-coconut mixture and blend. It brings the flavours to life and makes for a light and unexpected flavour experience.