Sunshine Platter

Sunshine Platter

Delight your children with the Sunshine Platter. These Salmon Patties, paired with a side of fresh fruits and crispy roasted potatoes, will captivate their taste buds. Packed with flaked salmon, grated carrots, and a hint of mustard, these patties offer a balanced blend of flavours and textures that kids will love. The recipe is simple and quick, making it an ideal choice for busy parents. Get ready to bring smiles to your children's faces with this wholesome and scrumptious dish!


Step 1
  • Mix everything in a bowl and add more breadcrumbs if your mixture is too runny
Step 2
  • Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat with some oil coating the bottom
Step 3
  • Roll salmon mixture into 3cm balls
Step 4
  • Place balls into the pan, flattening each one into a patty using a spatula and flipping over when browned


Salmon, or salmon that's been cooked & flaked
1 can
1 to 2 tsp
Panko or breadcrumbs
1 cup
Olive oil or mayonnaise
1 tbsp
Grated carrot


Salmon is a source of: Vitamin D, High in long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids

Mango is a source of: Vitamin C

Carrots are a source of: Vitamin A

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