Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are a classic - serve as a sweet, summer snack or a dessert.


Step 1
  • Fill a low bowl with salt and cover it with aluminium foil.
Step 2
  • Rinse the strawberries, leaving on the leaves. Dry them well.
Step 3
  • Melt the white chocolate over a hot water bath. Put a small wooden stick through the leafy part at the top of each strawberry (not completely through the berry) and dip half of the strawberries in the white chocolate.
Step 4
  • Poke the stick through aluminum foil and into the salt - leave to stand until the chocolate has solidified. Repeat with the other half of the strawberries in the dark melted chocolate.
Step 5
  • Beat the cream until stiff and stir in the other ingredients. Taste.
Step 6
  • Cut the Kransekage into slanted pieces. Put the strawberries, cream and slices of Kransekage cuts in dishes.


White chocolate
50 g
500 g
Dark chocolate
50 g
Whipped cream
250 ml
Icing sugar
1 tbsp
Grated oranges Peel (Unwaxed)
2 tsp
Freshly Squeezed orange juice
1 tbsp
Orange liqueur
2 tbsp
Marzipan ring cakes (Danish Almomnd Cake, Possibly With Nougat)
350 g