Peppermint Sweets

Peppermint Sweets

Peppermint sweets taste and look great as decorations, especially at Christmas time.


Step 1
  • Knead the marzipan, peppermint essence and mint leaves well together.
Step 2
  • Divide the marzipan into approximately 30 pieces (on about 1 teaspoon) and roll them into balls. Press them slightly flat - but still with a small rounding.
Step 3
  • Chop the white chocolate and melt it in a bowl over a water bath. Dip the marzipan balls into the chocolate and place them on a piece of baking paper and let them solidify at room temperature.
Step 4
  • Chop the milk chocolate roughly and melt it in a bowl over a water bath - do the same with the dark chocolate in another bowl.
Step 5
  • Place approximately 15 small milk chocolate bases (about 1 teaspoon) on a piece of baking paper - do the same with the dark chocolate.
Step 6
  • You can also mix the last chocolate and make a mixed chocolate base. Making approximately 30 in total.
Step 7
  • Place a piece of mint marzipan on each chocolate base and allow to solidify at room temperature before serving.
Step 8
  • When serving. Decorate with freeze-dried raspberries - crushed between your fingers.


Coin Marzipan With White Chocolate
Pure, Raw marzipan
100 g
Peppermint essence
2 tsp
Finely Chopped fresh mint leaves
2 tsp
White chocolate
100 g
Dark chocolate (About 55% Cocoa)
100 g
Milk chocolate (About 30% Cocoa)
100 g
Freeze dried raspberries