Peppercorn sauce

Peppercorn sauce

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Make a good old classic and simple peppercorn sauce with Madagascar peppercorns. It is bursting with flavour from brandy and beef broth, and it is deliciously creamy from the addition of double cream. With our easy peppercorn sauce recipe, you have the perfect flavour-packed creamy sauce for your favourite dishes. It is a must-have when serving grilled beef steak, potatoes, and roasted vegetables.


  • Put onion and peppercorns in a hot, dry pan. Fry over medium heat while stirring for approx. ½ min.
  • Add brandy and let it evaporate while continuing to stir.
  • Pour in beef broth and let it boil down to half.
  • Add cream and salt and bring everything to a boil. Take the pan off the heat and whisk in the sauce thickener.
  • Boil for approx. 1 min. Season to taste.
  • Serve the sauce piping hot and garnished with pink peppercorns.

Make sure the double cream has reached room temperature before adding it. If the cream is too cold, it can curdle when combined with hot ingredients. Thus, let the cream sit on the kitchen counter for a few minutes to get a smooth and uniform mixture. Once the cream has been added, bring everything to a boil. But do not let the cream boil too hard, or this could cause the cream to curdle too. Also, remember to stir the sauce, as this adds to a smooth texture. Since the beef broth is already salty, manage the amount of salt added to the other ingredients accordingly. Start with a little and taste to see if it needs more.

Questions about peppercorn sauce

Make an easy peppercorn sauce with brandy, cream, and tasty Madagascar peppercorns. Below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this creamy delight so you can make it yourself. Read on to learn more.

What is peppercorn sauce?
Peppercorn sauce is packed full of rich and smoky flavours and has a delicious texture because of the double cream and beef broth. The ingredients for peppercorn sauce consist of banana shallots, Madagascar peppercorns, a splash of brandy, double cream, and a few other well-picked elements. It is a classic that is very popular with both steak and roasted chicken.
How to make peppercorn sauce?
To make a creamy peppercorn sauce, fry onions and chopped peppercorns over medium heat for about ½ minute. Next, add brandy and let it evaporate while stirring before adding beef broth. Once it is boiled down to half, add the cream and bring it to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the sauce thickener. Finally, let it boil for roughly 1 minute and season it to your liking. Garnish with pink peppercorns and serve it while it is piping hot.
Can you freeze peppercorn sauce?
You sure can! You can freeze peppercorn sauce for up to 3 months, but you need to prep it first. First, allow it to cool down to room temperature. Once it has cooled, split it into serving sizes and pour it into freezer bags. Make sure to squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bags and placing them in the freezer.
What goes with peppercorn sauce?
The peppercorn sauce goes well with a wide array of delicious dishes and is often used as a condiment for fish, chicken, and meat. Serve the creamy mixture with a juicy grilled steak – it is a match made in heaven – or pour it over a succulent chicken breast and mushrooms with steamed vegetables on the side. It adds a satisfying spicy kick to your dish and makes for a well-rounded flavour.
What does peppercorn sauce taste like?
The creamy sauce is a blended combination of smoky, spicy, and sweet aromas. The peppercorns provide a distinct, peppery bite, while the banana shallots add depth to the flavours with their mild and subtly sweet notes. The brandy gives the mixture a smoky taste that ties all the flavours in the sauce together.


Finely chopped banana shallot (approx. 50 g)
Coarsely chopped Madagascar peppercorns (canned)
2 tbsp
100 ml
Beef broth
½ l
Coarse salt
1 tsp
Sauce thickener, for example, corn-starch
1½ tbsp
Freshly ground pink peppercorns

Peppercorn sauce with brandy

Fire up your savoury dishes with a creamy peppercorn sauce with brandy and Madagascar peppercorns for a kick of flavour. It is the perfect topping for your favourite chicken and steak dishes. Our recipe for peppercorn sauce is easy to make with just a few basic ingredients and a splash of brandy. The brandy adds a deep flavour to the mix with a lovely smoky finish that is too good to resist. A classic sauce with a spicy bite that pairs beautifully with a juicy, perfectly grilled steak.

Try some of our other delicious sauces with our recipe for a classic, rich and creamy béarnaise sauce with butter and tarragon or a classic, thick brown gravy. For something a little lighter but still with plenty of sharp flavours, check out our easy garlic sauce.

Homemade sauce with peppercorn and cream

Our peppercorn sauce is infused with bold, peppery flavours and double cream for a thick and creamy texture. The Madagascar peppercorns are green in colour and harvested from the same vine as black and white peppercorns but have a fresher and fruitier flavour. They give a little bit of heat without overpowering the smoky aroma from the brandy and yield a softer texture that works well with the sauce. Pour over grilled meat, roasted cauliflower or steamed broccoli and share it with your loved ones.

Serve steak in peppercorn sauce

Every steak needs a good old-fashioned sauce. Enjoy a classic French steak au poivre, seared peppercorn-coated steaks, that are served with a luscious and creamy brandy peppercorn sauce. It is a simple, yet impressive dish made extra special with the delectable creamy sauce on top. The smoky flavours from the steak and the brandy make for a well-rounded flavour. It is a fantastic option for the main course – especially for steak lovers! Serve it for a weeknight dinner or a relaxed get-together with friends.

Flavoured with beef broth and sprinkled with pink pepper

The beef broth gives the sauce a prominent beef flavour. Once the broth is reduced, it develops a much deeper and richer aroma perfectly suited for steak and steak side dishes. As a crowning touch, the creamy sauce is garnished stunningly with sprinkles of pink peppercorns. Misleadingly, the pink peppercorns are not peppercorns at all but, in fact, dried berries from Peruvian and Brazilian pepper trees. With a delicate softness and a pungent, slightly sweet flavour, the pink peppercorns compliment the peppercorn sauce splendidly and create a lovely contrast to the rich broth flavour.

Add your own touch

To try out some variations, try using different types of peppercorns, for example, white or black. Each type has its own distinct taste. While black peppercorns are rather wrinkly on the outside, the white ones are far smaller and smoother in appearance. Black peppercorns are the most common variety and have the strongest flavour with a tiny hint of sweetness. If you like something with a less intense and pungent taste, white peppercorns make a great substitute with their earthy undertones. Alternatively, you can mix black, green, and white peppercorns for a rich peppery taste.

If you do not have any brandy at hand, you can use dry white wine or a splash of apple juice or simply add more beef broth to the mixture. It will not have the satisfying smoky flavour provided by the brandy, but it will still be delicious.