Lactose-free milkshake

Lactose-free milkshake

10 min
Get ready to shake up your world with this delightfully fresh pick-me-up drink, featuring bright raspberries, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce. If you have been longing for a creamy, fruity treat without lactose, we have got you covered with our lactose-free milkshake recipe. Prepare to be amazed by how simple it is to make this scrumptious drink, which is so delicious it might even make your taste buds do a little happy dance.


  • Whip the cream.
  • Blend milk, raspberries, ice cream, and caramel sauce to a fluffy shake.
  • Pour it into glasses and top with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Since raspberries take centre stage, it is important to select the right ones for your lactose-free milkshake. Choose fresh, ripe, and juicy raspberries that are bright red, plump, and firm, with no signs of mould or bruises. Fresh raspberries not only provide a vibrant colour to the milkshake but also contribute a delightful tangy sweetness that will balance the flavours of the other ingredients perfectly. If you cannot get your hands on fresh ones, you can just as well use frozen raspberries.

Questions about lactose-free milkshake

Milkshakes have long been a popular and beloved drink, and now, with our easy recipe, you can make a delicious lactose-free version in less than 10 minutes. Keep reading to discover more about this delightful treat.

Can you store lactose-free milkshake in the fridge?
Yes, you can store your lactose-free milkshake in the fridge. To maintain its freshness and quality, place it in an airtight container or cover the glass with cling film or a lid – preferably without the whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. It is best to consume the milkshake within 1-2 days, as the texture and taste may change over time. Remember to give the shake a good stir or blend it once again to mix any separated ingredients.
Can you freeze lactose-free milkshake?
You can freeze lactose-free milkshake for about 1-2 months. To do so, pour the milkshake into an airtight container and leave some space at the top to allow the mixture to expand as it freezes. Seal the container tightly to prevent freezer odours or air from affecting the taste and quality. When you are ready to consume the frozen milkshake, transfer it to the fridge and allow it to thaw for a couple of hours. You may need to blend it or stir it well to get the smooth consistency back.
Can I use frozen raspberries for lactose-free milkshake?
Certainly! Using frozen raspberries will not only add a delightful flavour but also contribute to a thicker and more refreshing texture. Just ensure that the raspberries are properly blended with the other ingredients to achieve a smooth and consistent result. Using frozen fruit is a common practice in milkshakes and can be a convenient option, particularly when fresh raspberries are not available.


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Arla® LactoFREE Milk
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Lactose-free vanilla ice cream
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Savour a refreshing lactose-free milkshake with raspberry

Experience a refreshing lactose-free milkshake with raspberries that offers a perfect blend of flavours and textures. This enticing treat combines the tangy sweetness of raspberries with the smooth creaminess of vanilla ice cream and the rich, indulgent flavour of caramel sauce. Despite being lactose-free, this milkshake retains all the elements of a classic, satisfying, frothy shake. Adorned with a dollop of lactose-free whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce, this milkshake not only pleases the palate but also seduces the eyes. It is an absolute dream.

Fresh, sweet, creamy and delicious – without lactose

Lactose-free does not mean compromising on flavour or richness. This exquisite raspberry drink demonstrates that a luscious, silky, and delightful treat can be created without any lactose. By incorporating lactose-free milk, ice cream, and whipped cream, you can craft a delectable beverage suitable for anyone who wants to forego lactose without sacrificing taste or texture. It allows you the freedom to embrace dairy your way while still offering a fresh, sweet, creamy, and delicious experience that rivals traditional milkshakes.

If you cannot get enough of this milkshake, you should also try our recipes for lactose-free banana and strawberry smoothie, lactose-free chai latte and lactose-free hot cocoa.

Replace raspberries with your personal favourites

Milkshakes offer a fantastic opportunity to experiment with different berries and flavours, allowing you to create a custom treat that suits your taste. While raspberries provide a tangy sweetness to the milkshake, you can easily swap them with other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or even tropical fruits like mango or pineapple. The possibilities are endless, and with lactose-free options, everyone can enjoy their favourite milkshake combinations.

Lactose-free strawberry milkshake

A lactose-free strawberry milkshake serves as a delightful variation of the raspberry version, featuring a fruity sweetness that harmonises beautifully with the vanilla and caramel taste.

The rich, deep sweetness of the caramel sauce works in tandem with the delicate taste of strawberries, highlighting their fruity essence. The harmonious blend of flavours ensures that each sip of this strawberry milkshake is a delightful and indulgent experience.

Lactose-free chocolate milkshake

Savour the luxurious, velvety taste of a lactose-free chocolate milkshake, which strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and rich chocolate flavour. You can experiment with various types of chocolate, such as dark, milk, or even white chocolate. Whichever type of chocolate you choose, the outcome is a smooth, gratifying, and utterly delectable milkshake that keeps you coming back for more.