Lactose-free lemon trifle

Lactose-free lemon trifle

20 min
With just a few ingredients, you can make a yummy dessert tailormade for lemon lovers! Our lactose-free lemon trifle pops with fresh and sweet flavours and is sure to take the spotlight for dessert. A variation on the classic trifle, this version brings in a lactose-free update without sacrificing the delicious, tangy flavour. Serve as a delicious dessert for friends and family or whenever you are having guests over and need a sweet treat. They will love it!


  • Mix sugar and lemon zest with yogurt.
  • Coarsely crumble coconut biscuits.
  • In pretty glasses, make layers of biscuit crumbs, lemon curd and yogurt. Repeat the layers and serve.

You can serve the trifle immediately after making it, but you can also serve it chilled. After assembling, simply put the glasses in the fridge for a couple of hours and serve the dessert cold and fresh if you prefer.


When assembling, be mindful of how you distribute each layer. You want to make sure to get even amounts of all layers to avoid getting a spoonful where one of the layers is overpowering or dominating.

Questions about lactose-free lemon trifle

Our easy lactose-free lemon trifle recipe is for everyone to enjoy, and if you are burning to dig into this delicious dessert, keep reading below to get to know more about it!

What is a lactose-free lemon trifle?
Our lactose-free lemon trifle has the same core components as the English trifle – just with a few delicious adjustments. The dessert still consists of the three most common types of layers: crumble bottom, custard, and tangy dairy-based cream, in this case, layers of coconut biscuit, lemon curd, and yoghurt mixed with sugar and lemon zest. Our version is completely lactose-free, but the tastes and flavours are still the same – if not better!
Can I prepare lactose-free lemon trifle in advance?
Yes, you can indeed make the trifle in advance. In fact, it may even taste better as this allows the flavours to meld together more seemingly. You can make it a day ahead but remember to keep it covered to keep it fresh and fluffy.
How long can a lactose-free lemon trifle last?
A trifle is best enjoyed immediately after assembling when the texture has set, and the taste is fresh. Do you have leftovers, they will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days covered airtight in plastic wrap. The longer they are in the fridge, the bigger the risk is that they will lose out on peak flavours and consistency, so keep that in mind.


Lactose-free yogurt
500 g
2 tbsp
Lemon curd
1 pot
Coconut biscuits
Lemons zest

Lactose-free lemon trifle with yogurt – easy, simple, and yummy dessert

Dazzle your guests with an unforgettable and irresistible dessert! This easy-to-make lactose-free lemon trifle with lemon curd and yogurt is bursting with bright colours and sweet flavours ready to end any meal on a high note. All it takes is a few simple steps, and friends and family will thank you for it. Packed and stacked with fresh and sweet deliciousness, you would be remiss not to indulge in this yummy dessert!

Layers of delicious lemon curd with sweet lactose-free yogurt and coconut biscuits

What makes the trifle is its layer upon layer of delicious lemon curd, lactose-free yogurt mixed with tangy lemon zest, and crunchy, sweet coconut biscuits. One on top of the other, they ensure that every spoonful comes with impressive taste and great textures. The curd brings a strong, concentrated tart flavour that is sure to wake up your taste buds in just the right way. To balance the tanginess are the sweet coconut biscuits, also adding the irreplaceable crunchy element.

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