Lactose-free iced coffee

Lactose-free iced coffee

5 min
Pick up the pace with a lovely lactose-free iced coffee – perfect for when you need a cooling, refreshing drink with bold, intense flavours! The contrast between how easy it is to make and how yummy it tastes is staggering, making it one of the most popular drinks. So, start brewing and delight in tasty, cold goodness.


  • Make coffee and put ice cubes in a glass.
  • Add lactose-free semi-skilled milk.
  • Stir briefly and enjoy your drink!

You can easily adjust this recipe to your liking, making the coffee either stronger or less intense or adding more or less milk. The kind of coffee you use impacts the overall flavour, as different beans as well as brewing method result in different flavours, aromas, and intensities so use your favourites!

Questions about lactose-free iced coffee

Below, we go through any questions you might have on how to make iced coffee with milk, how to make it lactose-free, and what it tastes like.

How to make iced coffee with lactose-free milk?
Lactose-free milk is added just like milk otherwise would. It does not compromise or change the flavour or texture – it simply allows everyone to get a taste! So, make it like you normally would, but instead of adding regular milk, add one without lactose.
How to make lactose-free iced coffee creamier?
Frothing the milk without lactose will result in a creamier, foamier drink. You can froth it with a frothing wand or use a classic milk frother – just make sure it has a cold-froth setting. Spoon it over the coffee and voila: a cold and creamy treat!
What does lactose-free iced coffee taste like?
Lactose-free iced coffee tastes just like the regular version with robust and aromatic flavours. The absence of lactose does not affect the beverage at all – you get the same delicious flavour, just without lactose. Overall, you decide the specific notes and aromas depending on the beans you use. Depending on the roasting time, the beans may have a brighter or deeper flavour profile.


100 ml
Cold semi-skimmed Arla® LactoFREE Milk
100 ml
Ice cubes

Enjoy a classic iced coffee with lactose-free milk

The classic version of iced coffee is quite simple. Coffee, milk, and ice cubes. By using lactose-free milk, no one is excluded, and every breakfast, afternoon, or post-dinner pick-me-up can be enjoyed by everyone together.

Aside from its delicious aroma, people tend to drink coffee for its rich, bold, and slightly bitter flavour profile. In and of itself, it tastes great – but cool it down with a few ice cubes, add some milk, and you have something even better.

Are you looking for a hot beverage instead? Try a large cup of hot, delicious lactose-free latte macchiato sure to bring warm and tasty flavours. Or do you want a dessert to go with it? A lovely lactose-free lemon trifle serves up a tasty freshness, while a lactose-free tiramisu would continue the coffee influences.

Shake things up with sirup or spices

Because our lactose-free iced coffee is such a deliciously versatile drink, you can easily spice it up. Literally by adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom, or vanilla, or simply by going the classic way with syrups.

Add a small amount of syrup, either over the ice cubes or after adding coffee. Swirl it well to mix all flavours, and taste to see if you need more syrupy sweetness or if it is just perfect. Syrup comes with all kinds of flavours and aromas, so you choose whatever you like – vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut are classics.