Lactose-free banana and mango smoothie

Lactose-free banana and mango smoothie

10 min
This refreshing lactose-free banana and mango smoothie can be the perfect supporting player in your breakfast for champions, or you can enjoy it as a cold refreshment. In addition to the well-known and beloved flavours of banana and mango, we put a spin to it with ginger and honey as well as a delicious swirl of mango chia jam with orange juice.


  • To make mango chia jam, blend frozen mangos, orange juice, and chia seeds until smooth. Empty the chia jam into 2 glasses and rinse out your blender.
  • Then, to make the smoothie, blend milk, frozen bananas, frozen mango, ginger, and honey, until it becomes thick and smooth.
  • Gently pour the smoothie into the glasses with mango chia jam and stir in using a spoon to create a swirl effect.

Ginger helps round out the taste of the sweet flavours, but if you do not want to risk it being overpowering or too pungent, as the fresh kind can be, try using just a little bit and add more to your taste.

Questions about lactose-free banana and mango smoothie

If you are wondering how to make a lactose-free mango smoothie with bananas, keep reading below! We go through some of the most frequently asked questions so you can get off to a good start.

How to adjust the texture of lactose-free banana and mango smoothie?
If you like your smoothies smooth, the chia jam should be smooth as well, and if you like a bit of extra texture, only blend the jam a bit so you still have some chia seeds left to add to the overall. So, make sure to blend the chia jam just enough so you are satisfied with its creamy texture.
What goes well with mango in a smoothie?
Mangos, sweet tropical fruits, and frozen bananas are the perfect pair to combine with milk, honey, and ginger. Add chia jam into the equation to give it a slight nuttiness and a different texture, and this smoothie becomes the most scrumptious combination of sweet and fresh, tropical, and creamy.
Can you use lactose-free milk in a banana and mango smoothie?
Yes! Milk helps with flavour and consistency of smoothies, and you can easily use lactose-free milk. Making a lactose-free banana and mango smoothie will not affect the taste or texture as lactose-free milk is simply regular cow’s milk that has had the milk sugar, the lactose, removed.


Arla® LactoFREE Milk semi-skimmed
500 ml
Frozen bananas
Frozen mango
2 g
1 tbsp
Mango chia jam 
Frozen mangos
250 g
Orange juice
45 ml
Chia seeds
1 tbsp

Sweet lactose-free banana and mango smoothie swirled with a mango chia jam

Morning or evening; summer or winter, our luscious lactose-free banana and mango smoothie recipe hits the mark whenever you crave a true thirst quencher. It is filled with stunning flavours that perfectly accentuate one another.

Mixed with frozen mangos and tangy orange juice, chia seeds absorb all the lovely liquids, creating a dreamy jam-like texture, perfect for setting this drink apart. Swirl the chia jam with mangos into the thick smoothie, and the refreshing drink reaches creamy perfection.

On a smoothie binge? You have come to the right place. A tall glass of delicious lactose-free raspberry chia smoothie with banana or a bright green apple and spirulina smoothie is certain to satiate your thirst.

Enjoy a frozen banana mango smoothie with ginger and sweet honey

A frozen banana and mango smoothie is incredibly easy to make, and in just a few minutes you can enjoy the fresh, tropical beverage. Most of its sweetness comes from the fruit, but by adding honey, it is infused with another delicious natural sweetener with floral undertones.

Since the drink is sweet by nature adding ginger into the mix balances it, giving it a mild kick of heat. Ginger has a freshness and mild earthiness to it that, in this case, bring nuance to an already delightful drink.