Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread

An easy recipe for a delicious, low-fat bread that is well-suited for morning, dinner and evening. Try with a slice of cheese or a lovely homemade rhubarb marmalade.


Step 1
  • Melt the butter in a saucepan and add milk, quark, salt and sugar. Heat the contents until it feels warm on the tip of your little finger.
Step 2
  • Pour the mixture into a bowl and crumble the yeast in it. Stir until the yeast has dissolved.
Step 3
  • Add the flour little by little - save a little flour. Sprinkle a little flour on a clean kitchen table and knead the dough well.
Step 4
  • Put the dough back in the bowl and cover it with a tea towel. Let the dough rise a warm place for approximately 40 minutes.
Step 5
  • Put the dough on a floured kitchen table, knead it well and form it into a long sausage shape. Put it in a greased french bread tin (about 1½ litres).
Step 6
  • Let the dough rise to the top of the tin for approximately 35 minutes. Bake the French bread on the bottom shelf of the oven for about 45 minutes at 200 °
Step 7
  • Remove the French bread from the tin and place it on a baking sheet. Brush the bread with water while it is still hot. Cover with a tea towel and let the bread cool down.
Top Tip

Tastes great with cheese or with rhubarb marmalade!


25 g
Light milk
200 ml
Natural yoghurt
100 g
Coarse salt
2 tsp
2 tsp
25 g
Wheat flour
500 g