Healthy Cereal Milk Lollies

Healthy Cereal Milk Lollies


Step 1
  • Pour your yogurt and milk over 130g of the honey nut cornflakes and leave to sit for 40 minutes until the cornflakes are soggy and the flavour has been infused into the milk and yogurt mixture.
Step 2
  • Sieve the mixture into a jug and pour into your ice lolly moulds.
Step 3
  • Freeze for four hours.
Step 4
  • Crush the remaining 40g of honey nut cornflakes and lay onto baking paper.
Step 5
  • Remove your lollies from their moulds and then drizzle with a little honey before then rolling in the honey nut cornflakes and enjoy!
Top Tip
Top Tip

For this recipe you will need ice lolly moulds and ice lolly sticks!



Arla® Big milk
400 ml
Honey Nut Cornflakes
170 g
Yogurt with vanilla
425 ml
4 tbsp