Grilled vegetables with edamame hummus

Grilled vegetables with edamame hummus

30 min
Delight your senses with these delectable grilled vegetables and edamame hummus. The vegetables, beautifully seared and full of natural flavour, offer a colourful and appetising addition to any meal, and they are equally delicious on their own paired with creamy, vibrant edamame hummus. The smoky, charred flavours of the vegetables pair perfectly with the bright, fresh taste of the edamame hummus, creating a mouth-watering combination of flavours and textures. So, fire up the grill and get ready to cook!


Edamame hummus 
  • Pour boiling water over the edamame beans, drain the water, and rinse them with cold water. Allow the beans to drain in a sieve.
  • Blend the beans with the remaining ingredients until the hummus is smooth.
  • Cover the hummus and chill in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. Season to taste.
Grilled vegetables 
  • Heat a grill or griddle pan until hot.
  • Brush all the vegetables with oil.
  • Grill the tomatoes for approx. 2 minutes on each side, salad onions and garlic for approx. 3 minutes on each side, and aubergines and courgettes for approx. 3 minutes on each side – press aubergines and courgettes with a spatula, if necessary, to release some of the liquid.
  • Keep the grilled vegetables warm in a large dish as the rest finish cooking.
  • Sprinkle with salt, basil, and pumpkin seeds just before serving.
  • Serve with edamame hummus and new potatoes tossed with a little butter.

To achieve perfectly grilled vegetables, start by selecting fresh, firm, and vibrant-coloured vegetables, as this will ensure the best flavours and textures. When preparing to grill, make sure the grill or griddle pan is hot enough to create a beautiful sear and prevent sticking. Evenly coat the vegetables with oil to ensure consistent cooking and avoid burning. Grill them just long enough to achieve a slightly charred exterior and tender interior. To determine if they are done, check for softened texture and slightly darkened grill marks. Ideally, they should still retain some crispness without feeling or tasting raw.

Questions about grilled vegetables

Looking for a simple and easy dinner? Then you need to try our recipe for grilled vegetables. We have compiled a small list to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Keep on reading to find out more.

How to make grilled vegetables?
To make grilled vegetables, heat a grill or griddle pan and brush the vegetables with oil. Grill tomatoes, salad onions, garlic, aubergines, and courgettes, pressing aubergines and courgettes with a spatula if needed. Keep the vegetables warm in a dish as the rest finish cooking. Sprinkle with salt, basil, and pumpkin seeds before serving.
What to serve with grilled vegetables?
Edamame hummus and butter-tossed boiled potatoes make an excellent accompaniment to a myriad of dishes, whether it is for a casual dinner or grilled vegetables for BBQ. The creamy edamame hummus adds a contrasting smoothness to the charred vegetables, while the butter-tossed boiled potatoes provide a comforting, tender side dish that everyone will enjoy.
How to season grilled vegetables?
Sprinkle with salt, basil, and pumpkin seeds just before serving. This combination adds a balance of savoury, herbal, and nutty flavours while enhancing the natural taste of the grilled vegetables and providing a delightful contrast in texture. You do not need much seasoning as the various delicious flavours from, among others, onion, tomato, aubergine, and courgette are more than enough to tickle your taste buds.
How long do grilled vegetables last in the fridge?
Grilled vegetables typically last for about 3 to 5 days in the fridge when stored properly. To ensure optimal freshness, keep them in an airtight container or tightly wrapped in cling film or foil before refrigerating. It is essential to let the vegetables cool down to room temperature before storing them to prevent excess moisture, which can cause them to spoil more quickly.
Can you freeze grilled vegetables?
Yes, you can freeze the grilled vegetables for up to 3 months and enjoy them later. First, let them cool to room temperature, then arrange them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper without them touching each other. Freeze for a couple of hours until they are frozen solid before transferring them to airtight containers or freezer bags.

Nutritional values

Nutritional value, per

Fibre 34.1 gram fibers
Protein 34.6 %
Carbohydrates 178.9 %
Fat 43.6 gram


Edamame hummus
Shelled edamame beans
300 g
Greek inspired yoghurt, 10%
150 ml
Small, crushed garlic clove
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp
Coarse salt
¾ tsp
Freshly ground pepper
Grilled vegetables
Cocktail tomatoes, halved
400 g
Salad onions, sliced 1 cm thick (approx. 300 g)
Small peeled garlic cloves
Aubergine, sliced 1 cm thick (approx. 300 g)
Green courgette, sliced 1 cm thick (approx. 300 g)
Olive oil
1½ tbsp
Coarse salt
¾ tsp
Chopped fresh basil leaves
200 ml
Roasted pumpkin seeds
25 g
Serve with
Boiled new potatoes tossed with
1 kilo
5 g

Quick, grilled vegetables with delicious edamame hummus

Transform a weekday dinner into a delicious feast by grilling an assortment of fresh vegetables and pairing them with exquisite edamame hummus. The smoky, charred flavours of the grilled vegetables harmonise perfectly with the creamy, bright-green edamame hummus, creating an irresistible combination that will have everyone at the table reaching for more. The combination of tomatoes, onions, aubergines, and courgettes makes it a wholesome and satisfying option for the entire family. By grilling every vegetable to perfection for just a few minutes, you will bring out their natural flavours and achieve a delightful caramelisation that will leave even the most discerning taste buds satisfied.

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Flavourful, bright-green, and smooth edamame hummus

Move over, traditional chickpea hummus – there is a new contender in town! This vibrant green, silky edamame hummus offers a taste and texture that is second to none, making it an ideal companion for grilled vegetables. Easily made with shelled edamame beans, this delectable and flavourful dip is the ultimate sidekick for enhancing the tastiness of the grilled vegetable platter.

Sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and basil and served with new, boiled potatoes

Elevate the seasoning for grilled vegetables by sprinkling them with crunchy pumpkin seeds, which offer a nutty, subtly sweet taste, and fragrant basil, known for its aromatic, slightly peppery notes. These flavourful toppings add an extra dimension of taste and texture to the dish, making it even more enticing. Serve alongside tender new potatoes gently tossed with a touch of butter for added richness. This scrumptious combination creates a mouth-watering symphony of flavours that will leave everyone at the table longing for more.

Experiment with marinated grilled vegetables

Unleash your inner culinary artist by experimenting with different marinades. A well-crafted marinade for grilled vegetables can take them to new heights, infusing them with delicious, tantalising flavours. To create a marinade, consider combining ingredients like oil, vinegar or citrus juice, fresh herbs, and spices. You can even add a bit of honey for a touch of sweetness or crushed garlic for an extra kick of flavour.

Allow the vegetables to marinate for a couple of hours, or even overnight, to fully absorb the flavours before grilling. With a bit of creativity, you can make different enchanting marinades each time you fire up the grill that will make the grilled vegetables truly unforgettable.