Grilled romaine lettuce with lactose-free dressing
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Grilled romaine lettuce with lactose-free dressing

35 min
Spice up your lunch or dinner with a light but delicious plate of grilled romaine lettuce with lactose-free dressing. Enjoy it whenever you find yourself in the mood for a light salad full of flavours with a refreshing, smoky twist. Being an exciting and tasty alternative to regular fresh salad, it has become popular in modern cuisine – and we understand why.


  • Cut lettuce in half lengthwise and place in ice-cold water for 30 minutes.
  • Mix yogurt with cottage cheese, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper. Place in the fridge.
  • Drain lettuce and brush with sunflower oil. Grill for about 2 minutes in a grill pan over high heat. Serve with the dressing.

To not overcook the salad pieces, they only need a few minutes on a preheated grill or pan, so keep your eyes peeled. The outer layer should be slightly wilted and with a magnificent, charred mark on it, while the inner layers should retain their crisp texture for your teeth to chew on.


If you enjoy cooking outside, you can prepare the lettuce on a barbecue instead. It will leave you with the same delicious result while you can enjoy a cosy summer evening out in the open.

Questions about grilled romaine lettuce and lactose-free dressing

If you have the questions, we have the answers. Continue reading to find out more about grilled romaine lettuce.

How to grill romaine lettuce?
There are several ways to grill romaine lettuce, and all of them are equally simple. You can easily throw them on your grill to get that beautiful charred outside you are after – as well as some well-earned smoky flavours and aromas. Cooking them on a preheated pan is just as simple, and both methods only take a couple of minutes.
What does grilled romaine taste like?
Grilled romaine lettuce has the fresh flavour that usually comes with salad, but with a couple of minutes on the grill, it absorbs the smoky flavours while releasing a mild sweetness. Overall, the grilled romaine lettuce serves as a tasty and fresh bed for a delicious dressing.
What to serve with grilled romaine?
To enjoy as a light lunch or a mild side on your dinner table, serve your grilled romaine lettuce with a lactose-free dressing made of yogurt and cottage cheese. You can also add a crunch to the salad, toasting nuts or seeds for nutty flavours and great texture. Aside from that, sliced avocados add a creamy consistency, while roasted vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, peppers, or mushrooms bring a delightful, caramelised depth.


Romaine lettuce
Sunflower oil
Lactose-free yogurt
150 g
Lactose-free low-fat cottage cheese
50 g
Fresh parsley
1 tbsp
Pressed garlic

Grilled romaine – an easy and interesting salad

Fresh salad is always delicious, but grilled romaine lettuce with lactose-free dressing is on another level. By throwing the salad on the pan for just a couple of minutes, it will get a slightly charred surface, resulting in a beautiful green and dark look. The inner leaves will maintain their fresh crispness as the outer leaves will wilt slightly and get a slightly caramelised sear, giving it a mild sweetness and lovely smoky flavours. In combination, the difference in textures makes the grilled romaine lettuce the perfect bed for a delectable dressing.

Serve it as a light lunch on its own or as a side with, for example, lactose-free pasta with mushrooms and pumpkin or perhaps a hearty lactose-free salmon pie.

Serve with creamy lactose-free dressing

Looking at the green grilled leaves with beautiful, charred sides, you would not be wrong to sink your teeth into them immediately but take a second to add the creamy lactose-free dressing anyway. The creaminess and tanginess of lactose-free yogurt and cottage cheese are combined to give the dressing a texture that easily clings to the lettuce while tasting bright and refreshing with the smoky salad. To top it off, a dose of fresh parsley in the mix injects the dressing with beautiful aromas and wonderful colours.