Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Pasta salad with lots of flavour provided from the vegetables and cheese. This pasta salad is great as a side dish or when eaten as a standalone meal. Try serving with chicken or your protein of choice for an even heartier result.


Step 1
  • Salt and boil water in a pan. Cook the pasta for 11-12 minutes until tender but not soft. Remove 50 ml of the cooking liquid, set aside, then drain the pasta.
Step 2
  • Stir in fresh cheese and half of the 50 ml of the cooking liquid until the cheese is melted. Mix the pasta into the cheese along with vegetables, basil (add a little to the garnish), salt and pepper.
Step 3
  • Place the pasta salad, covered, on the kitchen table for approximately 15 minutes to cool.
Step 4
  • Serve with warm naan bread and garnish with extra basil.

Pasta Salad

What goes well with pasta salad?
Grilled chicken, oven-cooked salmon fillets or grilled halloumi are all delicious protein options and the ideal partners to this dish. For even more vegetable-goodness, grilled asparagus or broccolini topped with lemon juice and rock salt can push the taste of your dish even further.
Why is my pasta salad not creamy?
Make sure your pasta is properly cooked as it needs to soften for the cheese to properly stick to the pasta once melted. If you’re still not satisfied, why not go all out and increase the cream cheese content? Or add some grated Parmesan for a different, cheesier and creamier take.
Is it better to make pasta salad the day before?
Making your pasta salad the night before won’t change or enhance the flavour, but it will save you some time. This salad is also a perfect choice for a packed lunch to quickly grab from the fridge and take to work.
Do you rinse pasta in cold water for pasta salad?
Rinsing your pasta with cold water is a bad idea as it will wash off the starch that helps your creamy sauce to cling to the pieces. The outcome will be a disappointing salad.


2 litres
Coarse salt
2 tsp
Dried whole grain pasta
250 g
Reduced fat cream cheese
200 g
Red peppers, cubed
Cherry tomatoes
250 g
Frozen corn kernels, thawed
250 g
Fresh basil leaves, shredded
20 g
Coarse salt
½ tsp
Freshly ground pepper
1 pinch
Naan bread
200 g

The perfect cold dish for the whole family

There are few salads more satisfying than pasta salad – the combination of fresh, crisp vegetables with the smooth, filling pasta is a sure-fire hit with most people. Did we mention that it is the perfect lunch choice for a picnic in the park? Simply prepare in advance, pack in a sealable container, and enjoy once you reach your destination.

Dressings and toppings

Italian-style dressings work particularly well with this salad: one simple but satisfying approach is to mix equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some basil, oregano, ground mustard, salt and pepper to taste. When it comes to toppings, adding some crunch to contrast the soft texture of the salad helps take the dish to the next level – garlic bread croutons work especially well.

Store the pasta salad leftovers like this

Your pasta salad can be safely kept in the fridge in an airtight container for three to four days. It can also be frozen in portions if you want to store the dish for longer, though as always with salads, the best results come from making it fresh to serve.