Gluten Free Berry Yoghurt Bars

Gluten Free Berry Yoghurt Bars

Our gluten free yogurt bar recipe is the perfect way to hit your protein goals, as well as your five-a-day!


Step 1
  • Combine 150g gluten free oats with 50g of melted low fat spread. Line a baking tin with baking paper & add the mixture to the tin, pressing it down so it is compact.
Step 2
  • Pop in the freezer for an hour then top with two pots of Arla Protein Strawberry Yoghurt and freeze for another hour.
Step 3
  • After the hour, blend a few handfuls of mixed berries to make a coulis type consistency and top the yogurt with it.
Step 4
  • Freeze overnight to ensure they are nice and sturdy to eat. Lift out of the freezer then cut in to slices to serve.
Top Tip

Keep the bars in a container in the freezer and take them out slice by slice as and when you want them.


Low Fat Spread
50 g
Gluten Free oats
150 g
Arla® Protein Strawberry yoghurt
Berry mix