Ginger, Lime and Coconut Smoothie

Ginger, Lime and Coconut Smoothie

Start the day with a deliciously creamy smoothie with coconut, lime and ginger, created by Daniel Engellau, finalist of Chef 2015. Classically good flavours in a smoothie that is also excellent as a snack.


Step 1
  • Heat the milk, pour in the coconut flakes and remove from the heat.
Step 2
  • Allow to soak for about 10 minutes, strain off the coconut, let it cool. Mix milk, quark, ginger, lime juice and honey smoothly.
Step 3
  • Serve in glass with ice.


Semi-skimmed milk
650 ml
Coconut flakes
60 g
Vanilla quark
250 g
Grated Fresh ginger
3 tbsp
Pressed Lime juice
50 ml
50 g