Light cream with vanilla. Custard goes well with berry cakes, stuffed pastries and vanilla hearts. Be sure to whisk the cream properly towards the end so it doesn't split.


Step 1
  • Cut and scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod, and put them in a saucepan with milk and sugar. Heat and let the milk mixture soak for a little while.
Step 2
  • Mix egg yolks with corn starch in a bowl.
Step 3
  • Strain the warm milk over the egg yolks. Whisk to a smooth batter and pour back into the pan.
Step 4
  • Beat the mixture on a medium heat for about 2 minutes until it thickens.
Step 5
  • Remove from the heat and whisk the butter. Let it cool.


Vanilla pod
Semi-skimmed milk
600 ml
Caster sugar
100 g
Egg yolks
Corn starch
100 g
Butter (In Cubes)
50 g