Cocoa Cappuccino

Cocoa Cappuccino

Hot cocoa and milk foam = cocoa cappuccino!


Step 1
  • Allow the butter to melt in a thick-bottomed pot on a high heat, but without burning.
Step 2
  • Add cocoa while stirring and combine well. Pour in the milk (800ml) and boil the cocoa, keep stirring. Remove the pan from the heat and add sugar. Taste.
Step 3
  • Put the 200ml of milk in a small, thick-bottomed pan and bring the milk to boil and whisk till a thick texture.
Step 4
  • Pour the cocoa into 4 cups/mugs and add the hot milk foam. Sprinkle the cocoa cappuccino with chocolate and serve immediately.


25 g
Cocoa powder
2 tbsp
Skimmed milk
800 ml
4 tbsp
Skimmed milk
200 ml
Grated dark chocolate (About 55% Cocoa)