Chocolate porridge

Chocolate porridge

15 min
If you are looking for a delicious and indulgent breakfast option, this chocolate porridge is sure to hit the spot! Adding chocolate to a well-known classic quickly makes breakfast a whole lot more exciting! Chocolate porridge is a delicious and satisfying way to start your day on a sweet note. It has a rich and chocolatey flavour that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, which is also incredibly simple to make. Who says you cannot have dessert first thing in the morning?


Chocolate porridge
  • Mix all the ingredients in a small saucepan and let the porridge boil for 3 minutes. Avoid stirring too much.
  • Scoop the warm porridge into bowls.
  • Add vanilla skyr on top along with the other toppings. Serve immediately.

Not all cocoa powders are bitter, as there are different types available that vary in flavour. Natural cocoa powder is more bitter and intense than Dutch-processed cocoa powder, which has been treated with an alkalising agent to reduce acidity. Choose the type of cocoa powder that best suits your palate. Cook your porridge over low heat to help ensure that it cooks evenly and does not burn on the bottom of the saucepan. Remember to stir it every so often to avoid clumps but do not go overboard. When it comes to knowing when it is done, aim for a thick and creamy consistency with a soft but not mushy texture. Overcooking can result in a gummy or gluey consistency.

Questions about chocolate porridge

With our recipe for chocolate porridge, you can make a decadent and tasty breakfast in a matter of minutes. Keep on reading to learn more.

How to make chocolate porridge?
To make chocolate porridge, mix all the ingredients; coarsely rolled oats, cocoa powder, fine salt, and water in a small saucepan. Let it boil for 3 minutes while avoiding stirring too much. This will help create a smooth and creamy texture. Serve warm with delicious toppings!
Can you add cocoa powder to porridge?
Yes, it is delicious to add cocoa powder to porridge. It is a great way to add flavour and depth to it, especially if you enjoy chocolatey flavours. Simply mix cocoa powder with the other ingredients as instructed in the recipe. Keep in mind that cocoa powder can be bitter, so you should only add about 1 tablespoon for a serving of 2 unless you want an intense flavour.
What toppings to use for chocolate porridge?
To top your chocolate porridge, you can use a variety of different toppings depending on your preference. We like to use vanilla skyr, diced dates, sliced bananas, hemp seeds, and cocoa nibs. The vanilla skyr provides a creamy, tangy contrast to the rich chocolate porridge, while the dates and banana add natural sweetness. The hemp seeds and cocoa nibs act as a nutty and crunchy counterpoint to the creamy soft consistency of the porridge.
How to make chocolate porridge sweeter?
You can make chocolate porridge sweeter by using different types of cocoa powder or adding sweet toppings. Different types of cocoa powder have varying levels of sweetness and bitterness, so choosing one with a milder flavour or one that is sweetened can help to naturally sweeten your cocoa porridge. Additionally, adding sweet toppings like vanilla skyr, dates, and bananas can provide natural sweetness without adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Chocolate porridge
Rolled oats
60 g
Cocoa powder
1 tbsp
Fine salt
¼ tsp
300 ml
Vanilla Arla® Skyr
Diced date
1 slice
Hemp seeds
1 tsp
Cocoa nibs
1 tsp
Lemon balm

Easy chocolate porridge with cocoa powder

If you are looking for a quick and easy breakfast that still feels like a treat, this chocolate porridge recipe is a great option. It is a bowl of warm and comforting chocolatey goodness topped with fresh and tasty ingredients and sweet vanilla skyr, making for a sweet, fruity, and crunchy topping. It is a classic breakfast in disguise with everything you need in the morning: something easy, quick, and scrumptious to make you jump right out of bed and get out a bowl.

Classic oats porridge with chocolate flavour

This recipe is a delicious twist on a classic breakfast favourite with chocolate flavour adding a touch of decadence to the comforting and wholesome bowl of oatmeal. It is a simple yet satisfying way to jazz up your breakfast routine, and you can feel good about starting your day with a tasty meal.

There are different types of cocoa powder, bringing different flavours to your chocolate porridge. Some types are sweet and mild, while others are dark and intense. You can choose one or make a mix to get just the flavour you want. So whether you prefer a rich and intense chocolate flavour or a more subtle taste, there is a cocoa powder out there that will meet your needs.

Make a velvety chocolate porridge for breakfast

Chocolate porridge is an easy and delicious breakfast choice that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The rich, chocolatey flavour is the perfect way to indulge in a little morning treat and still feel you got everything you need to start the day right. Plus, making porridge at home is incredibly easy, and you can have it ready in just so quickly that it will easily become part of your routine. With our chocolate porridge, you get the best of both worlds – a delicious and satisfying breakfast that is easy to make and tastes absolutely amazing!

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Deliciously sweet toppings with a bit of crunch

No porridge is complete without a generous helping of toppings, and this recipe delivers a variety of sweet and crunchy options. From fresh fruit to seeds, each bite is a delicious combination of textures and flavours. We suggest you try it with a dollop of vanilla skyr, some sweet banana slices and diced dates, and a light sprinkle of hemp seeds and cocoa bits for added crunch.

The vanilla skyr adds a creamy and tangy element to the dish, which helps balance out the sweetness of the bananas and dates. The cocoa bits add an extra hit of chocolatey goodness and a satisfying crunch that complements the creaminess of the porridge and pairs wonderfully with the mild, nutty flavour of the hemp seeds.

Make it your own

If you prefer a sweeter taste, you can add a natural sweetener, such as honey or maple syrup. And do you need a different chocolate flavour? The amount and type of cocoa powder will affect the intensity. If you prefer a more subtle chocolate flavour, use less cocoa powder, or try Dutch-processed cocoa powder. If you love chocolate, feel free to add extra cocoa powder for a more intense flavour or add some chopped dark chocolate when boiling the porridge to let it melt and become even more intense.

Toppings are another way to add flavour and texture. Experiment with different fruits, nuts, or seeds to create your perfect bowl of chocolate porridge. Some popular options include chopped almonds, chia seeds, or shredded coconut.

Finally, adjusting the texture can also make a big difference. If you prefer a creamier result, use a higher ratio of liquid to oats and add more milk or water. If you like a thicker porridge, use less liquid or more oats.