Chocolate cherry cake

Chocolate cherry cake

1 h
Enjoy a moist chocolate cherry cake perfect for serving with a warming cup of tea or as a beautiful baked dessert after a nice meal. Sprinkled with icing sugar, this dark chocolate cake with cherries has a wonderfully deep chocolate flavour as well as pops of freshness from ripe sweet cherries. The perfect cake to impress your dessert-loving friends or family.


  • Preheat oven to 175°C regular oven.
  • Rinse cherries and remove pits and stalks.
  • Beat butter and sugar until crumbly.
  • Whisk in eggs one at a time. Beat mixture until light and fluffy.
  • Mix flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and vanilla sugar.
  • Fold it (sprinkled through a sieve) into the butter mixture, alternating with yoghurt and milk.
  • Mix the pitted cherries with potato flour and gently fold them into the batter.
  • Line a baking tray (approx. 6 x 22 x 30 cm) with sheet paper and pour in batter. Bake the chocolate cherry cake in the middle of the even for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Using the sheet paper, gently lift the chocolate cherry cake out of the baking tray. Let it cool on a wire rick.
  • Dust the chocolate cherry cake with icing sugar before serving.

If you do not have fresh cherries, you can use frozen, pickled, or canned cherries instead. If so, remember to drain the cherries to avoid adding too much liquid to the batter. If you are using frozen cherries, let them to thaw for 20 minutes and dap them lightly with a piece of paper towel before adding them to the batter. If you are freezing fresh cherries to use for a delicious chocolate cake with cherries at a later time, we recommend removing pits and stalks before freezing them, so they are quick and easy to use directly from the freezer.


Instead of cherries you could use plums which has that same fruity tartness that cherries have.


Add 1 dl of cherry liquor too the cake mixture, this gives and even more intense cherry flavour.

Questions about chocolate cherry cake

Baking a delicious dessert sure to delight friends and family is easy with our moist chocolate cherry cake recipe. Learn more about the it by reading answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the fruity chocolate cake.

What is a chocolate cake with cherries?
A chocolate cake with cherries is exactly what it sounds like; a classic chocolate cake made from pantry stables as well as creamy yoghurt and fresh, frozen, or canned cherries. If you love a regular chocolate cake, you will love this chocolate cherry cake, too, with its intense chocolate flavour mixed with sweet and soft cherries full of flavour.
How to make a chocolate cherry cake?
Baking a chocolate cake with cherries is simple – you need the ingredients for a classic chocolate cake as well as cherries. Combine the ingredients for the cake, mix the cherries with potato flour, and gently fold them in the batter. The baking time is a bit longer than regular cakes because of the juicy cherries. After baking and cooling on a wire rack, dust the deliciously moist and dark chocolate cherry cake with icing sugar.
Do you use sweet or sour cherries for chocolate cherry cake?
Even though our chocolate cherry cake recipe calls for sweet cherries, also known as black cherries, it is entirely possible to use sour cherries which are known for their vivid, red colour. Using this type of cherry will make for a tarter and brighter flavour but adding a bit more sweetness or serving with sweet vanilla ice cream will create a flavourful balance.


Chocolate cherry cake:
Sweet cherries
400 g
Soft butter
250 g
500 g
Flour (approx. 7½ dl)
450 g
Cocoa powder (approx. 1 dl)
50 g
Baking powder
4 tsp
Vanilla sugar
4 tsp
¼ litre
Potato flour
2 tbsp
Icing sugar

Serve a moist chocolate cherry cake

Making a wonderfully moist chocolate cherry cake from scratch is easy. It has a soft and tender texture and tastes equally delicious in the afternoon as in the evening, making it perfect for a dessert or a sweet snack. It gets its moistness from the creamy yoghurt and the juicy sweet cherries, making it irresistibly soft and almost gooey around the cherries.

The bold-flavoured chocolate cake with cherries looks just as good as it tastes when served sprinkled with icing sugar, creating a beautiful contrast between dark chocolate and white icing sugar.

Classic chocolate cake with cherries

A chocolate cake is always delicious, but in this recipe, the many fresh cherries are the almost literal cherry on top. They add moisture to the cake through the wonderful fruit juices that are released as they cook, creating a wonderfully delicate and soft chocolate cake with cherries. The fruit juices as well as the whole milk yoghurt make the cake's crumb soft and tender, giving it a great mouthfeel, just like a good classic chocolate cake should be.

If our chocolate cherry cake recipe has made you dream about other kinds of chocolate cake, why not have a look at our recipes for a classic chocolate sheet cake or chocolate coffee cake? Both are delicious, moist, bursting with flavour, and as easy to prepare as this chocolate cherry cake, and are sure to fulfil all of your chocolate dreams.

Discover the tasty combination of chocolate and cherries

Just like a classic chocolate cake, our fresh cherry chocolate cake has an amazing deep and rich chocolate flavour. This richness is beautifully complemented by the addition of ripe cherries. This balances the earthiness and slight bitterness of the cake's cocoa powder beautifully and makes for a delightful combination of flavours. Chocolate is delicious when combined with many kinds of fruit or berries, but cherries are special; they are dark and bold, sour-sweet, and has many flavourful notes, making them stand out when used in baking such as in our chocolate cherry cake recipe.

If you have not yet had your fill of beautiful, ripe cherries, another classic for cherry lovers is our French clafoutis with cherries, a dessert pie with a soft, custard-like texture and tasty cherries.

Make it your own

Playing around with the appearance of your cakes is good fun, so why not try giving this chocolate cherry cake a beautiful swirling marble effect? Rather than mixing the cocoa powder in with the rest of the dry ingredients, save it. Before folding the cherries into the batter, divide it into two and mix the cocoa powder in one of them. Fold half of the cherries into each batter. Now, use the two different batters to create a great-looking marble effect.

Pour half of the light one into the lined baking tray, before pouring the dark cocoa batter on top of it, and finish with the last layer of light batter. Use a spatula handle to make the marble pattern by moving it in a zig-zag motion, almost from edge to edge starting in one corner. Turn the baking tray and repeat the swirling motion going in the opposite direction. Refrain from disturbing the batter further as this may result in the chocolate cherry cake's marble effect coming out muddy rather than defined.