Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

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Is there anything more delicious than chocolate cake? Try our delightful recipe for chocolate cake with icing, colourful sprinkles, and edible glitter. This cake will quickly become a hit with children and adults hungry for something chocolatey sweet with a soft, fluffy crumb. One bite, and you will never want another cake. You only need a few ingredients to enjoy this scrumptious and colourful treat. Serve it right from the baking sheet. A simple and hassle-free sheet cake that is guaranteed to make you swoon!


Cake batter
  • Preheat the oven to 175°C (regular oven).
  • Mix sugar, flour, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, and baking powder in a bowl.
  • Pour melted butter, eggs, and boiling water into the bowl. Beat the mixture with a hand mixer until it is uniform and without lumps (the batter should be very thin).
  • Pour the batter into a small baking sheet lined with baking paper (approx. 25 x 30 cm).
  • Bake the chocolate cake at the bottom of the oven for about 35 minutes and let the cake cool in the baking sheet.
  • Stir icing sugar and water together and spread the glaze on the cooled cake.
  • Decorate with sprinkles and edible glitter. Serve the chocolate cake straight from the baking sheet.

To ensure a smooth cake batter without any clumps, you can sift the dry ingredients through a sieve after mixing them. This will distribute all ingredients evenly and break up any large clumps, ensuring that the wet and dry ingredients are combined well and resulting in a fluffy, spongy cake texture.


Leave the cake in the oven until it is baked through; in some ovens, it needs to be baked a bit longer. Use a small knife or toothpick to check whether or not the cake is done. If the knife or toothpick comes out clean, you can remove the cake from the oven; otherwise, leave it in the oven a little longer. Or, if you want the cake to be really gooey, take it out a few minutes before it is supposed to be done.


You can easily bake the chocolate cake the day before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Be sure to wrap the baking sheet with cling film or put it in a large sealable freezer bag and place it in the fridge until serving.

Questions about chocolate cake

Making a delicious, tender, moist cake that will delight your family is simple with our easy chocolate cake recipe. Read below and learn more about some of the most frequently asked questions about this scrumptious chocolate-flavoured cake.

What is a chocolate cake?
A chocolate cake is a soft and spongy cake flavoured with cocoa powder – as per our recipe – or melted chocolate, or sometimes even both, as well as a variation of other ingredients. With a delicious taste and a fluffy, tender, moist texture, it is no surprise that the cake is considered an all-time favourite dessert among adults and children. The cake is often garnished with a glaze or frosting, adding extra moisture and sweetness to it.
How to make a chocolate cake?
Making a chocolate cake is pretty simple, and you only need a few ingredients. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and then add the wet ones. Beat the mixture and pour it into a baking tin before baking the cake in the oven at 175°C. Once the cake has cooled, the real fun begins with decorating the cake. Spread a white glaze made from icing sugar and water on top and garnish with colourful sprinkles and edible glitter. Enjoy the cake straight from the baking sheet.
Can you freeze chocolate cake?
Freezing chocolate cake is a great way to make it last longer and extend its shelf life. It is important to wrap the cake really well with a double layer of cling film and foil to stay fresh. For optimum flavour and texture, be sure to enjoy the cake within 4-6 months. Thaw it overnight in the fridge or at room temperature for a few hours.
How long is a chocolate cake good for?
Store the chocolate cake at room temperature for 2-3 days or in the fridge for about 5-7 days. To preserve the freshness and flavour of the cake, keep it in an airtight container and store it in a cool and dry place on the kitchen counter. If you store the cake in the fridge, make sure to wrap it in cling film or foil, as this will prevent the refrigerator from drawing out the moisture in the cake.


Cake batter
(approx. 4 dl) sugar
350 g
Wheat flour
175 g
Cocoa powder
4 tbsp
Vanilla sugar
1 tbsp
Baking powder
1 tbsp
Melted butter
250 g
Boiling water
2 dl
(approx. 4 dl) icing sugar
200 g
2 tbsp
Colourful sprinkles and/or edible glitter

Classic chocolate sheet cake with icing

Enjoy a timeless dessert with a rich chocolate flavour and a fluffy crumb. The classic chocolate sheet cake is decorated with white icing and a splendid array of colourful sprinkles and edible glitter. Just looking at it will bring a smile to your face. Sheet cakes are easy to make and serve, making it the perfect cake to bring along for a picnic or serve at a children's birthday party. You bake and serve in the baking sheet, making for a big cake that is easy to store and transport – the perfect delicious no-fuss chocolate cake we all want and need.

If this recipe for chocolate sheet cake has inspired you to try out other chocolate-flavoured treats, check out our creamy chocolate coffee cake or a moist chocolate cherry cake with a pop of freshness. Both cakes are equally tasty and delicious. For something lighter and airy, try our creamy, fluffy chocolate mousse garnished with chocolate shavings for a final touch.

The easiest and simplest sheet cake

Keep it simple and try your hand at an easy chocolate sheet cake. Sheet cakes are amazingly easy to make, store, and take with you to serve at a potluck, a picnic, or the like. With only a few simple ingredients you most likely already have at home and baked and served in a baking sheet, this chocolate cake could not be easier to make. You do not need any elaborate or extravagant presentation with this cake. Let the taste speak for itself and serve the chocolate sheet cake straight out of the tin. It is a delicious treat that demands seconds!

A chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy

This crowd-pleaser ticks all the boxes and has everything you are looking for in a cake. It is sweet with a moist and tender crumb and a lovely taste of chocolate. Our recipe uses cocoa powder for a more intense and rich chocolatey flavour that is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the sugar and a subtle vanilla aroma. It is just as delicious as it is simply, because who needs more than a chocolate cake with icing and decorations on top? Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this cake, especially when they get a sweet craving.

Add your own touch

If you cannot get enough of the chocolate flavour, add coarsely chopped dark chocolate to the cocoa powder and the other ingredients. This will guarantee a delicious flavour with maximum chocolate flavour. We recommend using good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content for the best flavour.

Give the cake a burst of freshness with some freshly squeezed orange juice and zest that pairs wonderfully with chocolate. The citrusy aroma balances the rich, intense flavours of cocoa powder and chocolate. For a well-rounded flavour, you can change up the chocolate cake icing by adding cocoa powder to the icing sugar and water. Experiment with different flavours like cinnamon or coffee; it is a great way to give the cake a more personal touch. Give it a try!

You can also add roasted walnuts on top of the cake. This will give a delicious nutty flavour and some crunch. Walnuts are a classic when it comes to chocolate.