Chamomile tea with lactose-free milk

Chamomile tea with lactose-free milk

5 min
Chamomile tea with lactose-free milk is a delicious and comforting drink with a delightful blend of warm flavours. It combines the gentle, floral taste of chamomile with the creaminess of milk, resulting in a soothing and satisfying experience.


  • Add lactose-free milk and tea bag to a small saucepan set over low heat. Let it steep for 5 minutes or until it is hot and steaming. Remove and discard the tea bag.
  • Serve with honey and cinnamon.

A way to take this yummy, warm beverage to the next level is to froth it. With the help of a frother, you can create a luxurious and indulgent foam that adds a delightful texture to the drink and enhances the overall drinking experience.

Questions about chamomile tea with lactose-free milk

Are you an avid tea drinker, but perhaps new to chamomile? Fear not! Read on to discover more about how you can enjoy a nice cup of chamomile tea with lactose-free milk.

Do you put lactose-free milk in chamomile tea?
It is common practice to drink chamomile tea with milk, as it adds a touch of creaminess to the delicate, herbal drink. Lactose-free milk complements and mellows out the delicate floral notes, and its creamy texture and taste help balance it, too, creating a well-rounded and satisfying flavour.
How to drink chamomile tea with lactose-free milk?
In our recipe, the chamomile is steeped in the milk, which allows for the aromas of the chamomile to fully extract and develop its delicious flavours. Heating everything together with sweet honey and spicy cinnamon creates a cosy and comforting experience. It also makes it perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat as well as a warm drink.
Does chamomile tea taste good with lactose-free milk?
Chamomile tea with milk is a classic combination. By using lactose-free milk, everyone can savour this delicious drink. It has the same smooth and creamy texture as the regular kind, making it an equally delicious option to add to your warm drink. It creates a warm and comforting beverage that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing.


Arla® LactoFREE Milk
250 ml
Chamomile tea bag
Clear honey
1 tbsp
Ground cinnamon
1 pinch

Rewind and relax with a cup of chamomile tea with lactose-free milk

Is there anything more comforting than rewinding with a warm cup of tea after a long day? Chamomile tea with milk is a classic combination and is often enjoyed in the evening as a soothing drink to rewind and relax before going to sleep. Using lactose-free milk makes it perfect for anyone to enjoy – with the same good flavour and texture, no matter if you use skimmed, semi-skimmed, or whole.

Delicious lactose-free night-time tea with warm flavours

Our lactose-free night-time chamomile tea with warm flavours of cinnamon and honey might be just what you need before going to bed. Its delicate and floral taste is the perfect base for the warm, cosy flavours of cinnamon and honey. It has a subtle herbal sweetness that soothes and warms, perfect for relaxing.

The comforting warmth of cinnamon and the natural sweetness of honey make a perfect pairing that creates a delicious and satisfying beverage that is perfect for rewinding at the end of a long day. The cinnamon adds a gentle spiciness and warmth, while the honey adds sweetness and depth of flavour.

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