Breakfast Parfaits

Breakfast Parfaits

A quick and delicious breakfast that starts your day off with a healthy dose of protein.


Step 1
  • Spoon a layer of delicious Arla Protein Yogurt into the bottom of a mason jar or small bowl.
Step 2
  • Top the yogurt layer with your fresh strawberries, blueberries, granola, and nuts.
Step 3
  • Repeat the layering until your jar or bowl is nicely full, with a delicious topping of fruit, granola, and nuts on the very top. Now dive in and enjoy your breakfast parfait to kickstart your day, or as a tasty hit of protein before or after your workout.
Top Tip

Try different combinations of Arla Protein Yogurt flavours with different fruits and berries to change things up.


Handful of granola
Arla® Protein Strawberry yoghurt
150 g
Handful of strawberry
Handful of blueberry
1 Handful of your choice of nut