Bread au gratin

Bread au gratin

10 min
Enjoy an easy bread au gratin with simple ingredients and an irresistible result. This simple yet delicious recipe creates a delightful appetiser or a perfect snack for any occasion, combining the creamy tang of quark and the sharpness of unsweetened mustard with the gooey texture of gratinated cheese on top of toasted, crispy bread.


  • Mix cheese, quark, and mustard and spread the mixture onto the bread slices.
  • Cut bread slices into long strips of about 2-3 cm width.
  • Grill for a few minutes under the broiler until gratinated. Enjoy!

Use leftover bread for your bread au gratin to get the perfect, crispy texture. It is slightly drier than fresh bread, making it ideal for this recipe as it absorbs the moisture from the cheese and quark mixture without becoming soggy. This way, the bread retains its structure and crispness under the broiler, giving you the best contrasting textures between the toasted base and the creamy, gratinated top.


Whether you serve them for a snack, appetiser, or side dish, enjoy the cheesy breadsticks warm when the cheese is still melty and gooey.


Grated cheese
400 g
200 ml
Unsweetened mustard
2 tsp
White bread
4 slices

Make bread au gratin – a simple and flavourful treat

Bread au gratin is a delightful, tasty, and simple treat with a lot of flavour. The cheesy combination of gratin cheese, creamy quark, and spicy mustard is a must-try. Spread on slices of bread and then broiled, it transforms into a perfect gratinated bread snack.

As it toasts, the bread develops a lovely golden-brown colour, creating a contrasting texture between its crisp exterior and its soft and tender interior. It gets a slightly nutty and toasted flavour that perfectly complements the richness of the cheese mixture.

Delicious golden crust with grated cheese and quark

The gratin cheese, quark, and mustard combine to create a rich and complex flavour profile. The cheese offers a savoury depth and melts beautifully, while the quark brings a smooth, creamy texture and a slight tanginess that lightens the overall impression.

When it is broiled, the cheese melts into a bubbly, golden layer and the broiling melds the flavours together, creating a topping that is rich in flavour and offers a satisfying crunch and velvety smoothness.

Try other recipes with melty, gooey cheese like this garlic, herb, and cheese stuffed bread, pizza toast with pepperoni, classic tuna melt sandwich, or avocado bruschetta with cream cheese.   

A tangy kick from unsweetened mustard

Besides the savoury cheese and tangy quark, mustard is an invaluable addition to the creamy mixture. Unsweetened mustard has a sharp, tangy quality that adds a subtle heat and sharpness. It enhances the other flavours without overpowering them and elevates the savoury and creamy bread au gratin to a new level.

Perfect as a quick appetiser or snack

These cheesy bread strips make for an easy appetiser or a quick snack. Serve it as a sophisticated starter at dinner parties or casual gatherings with friends or family. With the gooey cheese and crispy bread, it is sure to be a crowd favourite.

It is also perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. The cheesy, creamy topping on crunchy bread can satisfy those savoury cravings between meals, and the easy-to-grab size makes sure you can enjoy them whether you are snacking on the go or taking a relaxing, savoury break.

You can also pair it with a light soup or a fresh green salad for a comforting lunch or dinner, serving as an ideal side dish. The crisp, savoury bread adds a satisfying texture and depth to lighter dishes.

Experiment with different herbs and spices

You can easily experiment with the ingredients to make the recipe yours. Make a spiced bread gratin, incorporating chilli powder or a drizzle of chilli sauce into the cheese mixture.

You can also add a warm spice like nutmeg. A pinch of nutmeg to the cheese mixture can introduce a warm, nutty flavour that pairs well with creamy textures and cheese.

For a refreshing twist, sprinkle chopped fresh parsley over the finished gratinated bread. This adds a splash of colour and a fresh, clean flavour that cuts through the richness of the cheese. To get more depth and a sumptuous richness, add onions. Mixing creamy, caramelised onions into the cheese and quark mixture before spreading it on the bread adds a sweet, savoury depth and complements the tanginess of the quark.

Experiment with different types of bread, such as sourdough, whole grain, or rye, to try out varied textures and flavours. Each bread type brings a particular character in flavour and texture, influencing the overall result.