Berry Frozen Yoghurt Granola Bites

Berry Frozen Yoghurt Granola Bites

Looking for a creative way to hit your protein goals? These refreshing frozen Arla Protein yogurt bites are the perfect post-workout treat.


Step 1
  • Mash raspberries and blueberries in a mixing bowl with a fork, making sure to leave a few aside for topping.
Step 2
  • Add the yogurt, with a few drops of lemon juice. You can also optionally add honey or maple syrup to taste. Mix until well combined.
Step 3
  • Put a tablespoon of granola in the cups of a muffin tin. Top up with the yogurt mixture. Once full, add a few blueberries and raspberries on top.
Step 4
  • Freeze overnight. Remove from the moulds and enjoy these healthy sweet treats!


Punnet raspberry
Punnet blueberry
Arla® Protein Strawberry yoghurt
Lemon juice
2 - 3 Drops
Honey / maple syrup (Optional, to taste)