Baked pears with lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream
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Baked pears with lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream

30 min
Our mouth-watering recipe for baked pears with creamy lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream is just as delicious as it sounds. As they bake, the pears become tender and soak up the delicious flavours of dessert wine, zesty lemon, crunchy nuts, and aromatic spices. Top it all off with a velvety lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream that adds a dreamy creamy touch.


  • Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  • Peel and cut the pears in half, leaving the stalk on.
  • Place the pear halves in an oven dish and drizzle with lemon juice and dessert wine.
  • Roughly chop nuts. Scrape seeds from the vanilla pod and pound cardamom seeds in a mortar. Mix vanilla seeds, ground cardamom and sugar.
  • Spread butter over the pear halves. Sprinkle the nuts and lemon zest over and around the pears, then sprinkle over with the sugar mixture.
  • Bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, make the lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream. Mix yogurt and lactose-free cream cheese until well combined. Add cinnamon and sugar to taste.
  • Let the pears cool slightly and serve with cream cheese and yogurt cream.

You can bake any type of pear, even those that may seem too hard to eat or cook with. In this recipe, a slightly under-ripe pear works well as it becomes tender in the heat of the oven. However, since they soften as they bake, it is best to avoid using overly ripe pears to prevent ending up with a mushy result.


When it comes to serving, they can be enjoyed either warm or chilled. If you are a fan of warm desserts, serve them while they are still nice and toasty. But, if you are looking for a refreshing twist, refrigerate them for a couple of hours before serving them with the chilled cream cheese and yogurt cinnamon cream.

Questions about baked pears with lactose-free yogurt cream

Enjoying a perfectly baked pear with a scrumptious dollop of velvety rich yogurt cream makes for a complete indulgence. Read more about the easy, yummy recipe below.

How long to bake pears?
The baking time varies depending on the recipe and how big and ripe the pears are. But typically, 10-15 minutes at 220°C should do the trick. Just keep an eye on them and poke them with a fork or toothpick to check if they are tender enough. If you like them softer and more caramelised, you can bake them for a bit longer, but be careful not to overbake them as they may turn too mushy.
How long will baked pears with lactose-free yogurt cream last?
Leftovers can last 3-5 days in a sealed container in the fridge. It is best to store the pears and cream separately. When you are ready to indulge, simply warm the pears in the microwave or oven to liquefy the sauce and gently heat the pears, then serve with the cold cinnamon cream.
Can you freeze baked pears?
You can freeze baked pears for 2-3 months. Let them cool, then wrap each pear in cling film or foil to prevent freezer burn and keep them from sticking together. Place them in a freezer-safe bag or container, then put them in the freezer.


Dessert wine
100 ml
75 g
Vanilla pod
Cardamom seeds
1 tsp
Brown caster sugar
75 g
Lactose-free butter
25 g
Cinnamon yogurt cream
Lactose-free yogurt
Lactose-free cream cheese
1 pack
Ground cinnamon
1 tsp
50 g

Sweet, yummy baked pears with lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream

Turn your pears into a scrumptious and comforting dessert with our recipe for baked pears with lactose-free yogurt cream. They are everything you could ask for — tender, buttery, and perfectly sweet. As they bake, they caramelise beautifully, creating a heavenly caramelised sensation that will leave you craving more.

But what truly takes this dessert to the next level is topping it off with a generous dollop of lactose-free cinnamon yogurt cream. Tangy yogurt combined with cream cheese and the comforting warmth of cinnamon creates a perfect harmony with the sweet fruit. And the lactose-free dairy ensures that everyone can enjoy it!

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Enjoy warm spices, soft pears, and velvety lactose-free yogurt and cream cheese cream

Treat your taste buds with a heavenly combination of warm spices, soft pears, and velvety cinnamon cream made from lactose-free yogurt and cream cheese. These baked pears with lactose-free yogurt cream are an absolute delight that will captivate your senses with delicious flavours from cinnamon, nuts, and dessert wine.

Each pear is perfectly soft, speckled with vanilla seeds, and covered in a caramel-like sauce that bursts with flavours from pear juices, lemon juice, brown sugar, dessert wine, and butter. The cosy and comforting flavours of cinnamon and cardamom will warm you up from the inside. And thanks to the yogurt and cream cheese, you will get a tangy and tart kick that adds a refreshing twist.