Baked lemon chicken

Baked lemon chicken

1 h
Juicy chicken with lemon that takes care of itself in the oven. Two chickens provide dinner for many, or enough for several dinners during the week.


  • Set the oven to 200°C (regular).
  • Place the chickens in a roasting pan.
  • Mix butter and rapeseed oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and lemon. Brush the chicken all over.
  • Roast in the lower part of the oven for 60-75 minutes until the internal temperature is 70°C.

Baked lemon chicken

Should I cover my chicken with foil before baking?
While a matter of personal preference, we recommend that the chicken is roasted uncovered to help the skin achieve that perfectly crisp texture and golden-brown colour. If you see that it’s browning too quickly, simply lay a piece of foil over the top to prevent the skin from burning.
What does soaking chicken in lemon juice do?
Lemon juice acts as a tenderiser and works especially well for leaner cuts like chicken breast that can easily become dry and rubbery. It also has the added benefit of infusing the meat with a bright and citrusy flavour that is always a great pairing for white meats like chicken. To create a marinade, simply combine lemon juice (add the zest for an even more intense flavour), olive oil, and seasoning of your choice then marinate for up to one hour. Keep in mind that anything longer than that will start to break down the proteins too much and you may be left with a mushy texture.
Is it better to bake chicken slow or fast?
Slow roasting is the best way to achieve juicy, flavourful meat with golden-brown skin. As a bonus, this method will produce enough pan drippings to create a bursting-with-flavour gravy that can be drizzled over anything from your roast chicken to sides like mashed potatoes or roast vegetables.
What is a good temperature to bake chicken in the oven?
Between 180 and 200°C is a good oven temperature for an evenly cooked chicken that is beautifully juicy on the inside and crispy golden on the outside. The most reliably way of knowing that your chicken is perfectly cooked is to use a meat thermometer: a steady internal temperature of 75°C is when your chicken is ready to come out of the oven.


Whole chickens
Butter and rapeseed oil
3 tbsp
Chinese soya sauce
2 tsp
2 tsp
Black pepper to taste
Lemon (unwaxed), grated zest and juice

Enjoy a flavourful meal with baked lemon chicken

While everyone has a roast chicken recipe in their culinary repertoire, this one takes the dinner staple to the next level. With a seemingly straightforward list of ingredients, the lemon zest and juice adds an intense citrusy flavour that pairs exceptionally well with the chicken. The soya sauce, on the other hand, adds a distinctly umami flavour that will leave your guest wondering what your secret ingredient is and how they can get their hands on your recipe.

Serving ideas – roasted vegetables or a fresh green salad

While almost any side can be paired with our baked lemon chicken recipe, roasted vegetables or a fresh garden salad are two of our top recommendations, mainly because they are easy to make, require almost no extra effort, and you likely already have the necessary ingredients in your vegetable drawer. Keep dirty dishes to a minimum by adding roast vegetables (potatoes, carrots, baby onions and green beans are great combinations) directly to the roasting pan and giving them a few stirs during the cooking process. One-pan-dinner done and done!

The many uses of baked lemon chicken

Baked chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients to have in your kitchen. From salads and sandwiches to soups and pastas, the array of dishes you can create is quite literally endless. Stretch your imagination beyond the obvious and incorporate it into dishes like pad Thai, a tasty pie (our favourite is a chicken, leek and mushroom combination) or risotto.

Tips for storing leftover baked lemon chicken

Because bacteria grow rapidly when cooked chicken is left at room temperature, your first step is to make sure that all leftovers make it into the refrigerator within two hours. Any pieces that have been left outside for longer than that should rather be thrown out. Place the chicken in either an airtight container or sealed plastic bag and refrigerate for up to four days.