Arla Organic Whole 2L


Arla Organic Whole 2L

Nutritional values per 100 g/ml

Energy 271 kJ/65 kcal, Fat 3.6 g of which is saturated 2.3 g, Carbohydrate 4.7 g of which is sugars 4.7 g, Protein 3.4 g, Salt 0.1 g

Weight / Volume


Additional information

Free range organic milk
The cows which produce our Arla Organic milk are free range, meaning they are grazed outside whenever possible. They are only brought indoors when it would be detrimental to their welfare to be outside, for instance, if weather conditions are unsuitable.

We do not specify a defined number of grazing days as conditions can be different on every farm and for every cow. Instead, we focus on maximising the time animals are outside grazing and on average, organic cows are outdoors for over 200 days of the year. (Source: Arla Farmer Owner Survey of 84 organic farms, May 2017, Kingshay Independent study of 85 organic herds in the UK)

By choosing to buy organic milk you also guarantee that audited inspections are carried out and additional standards are met on animal welfare and sustainability.

Our organic cows graze outdoors on grass and clover and no artificial fertilisers or herbicides are used. Instead, we rely on crop rotation, well-timed cultivation and careful selection of crop varieties to control weeds and pests, and to maintain fertility. Our system of farming encourages wildlife by avoiding manufactured chemical sprays. No GM animal feed is used and antibiotics are not used routinely.

Farmer owned
Arla is a farmer owned cooperative which means that as farmers, we own the business. 84 organic farmers are owners of Arla and (together with conventional farmer owners), we are passionate about what we do and proud of the milk we produce. All our milk complies fully with controlled organic standards.

At Arla, we believe in organic and are excited to share more and more organic dairy products with people in the UK everyday.

* Cows which produce Arla Organic milk are outside for an average of 200 days per year. Based on a survey of 84 Arla organic UK farms, May 2017 and Kingshay independent study, 2015 for OMSCo, based on 85 organic UK herds.

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