About Aylesbury

Public consultation

Arla Foods is committed to being a good corporate neighbour, which is why the company took the time to listen to people’s views and ideas and sought to take on board their comments and feedback.

The key changes to the masterplan, following the consultation feedback, included:

  • Reducing the scale of the additional commercial space by 50,000 sq ft
  • Removing the biomass proposal
  • Changing the colour of the buildings to autumnal colours
  • Delivering 34 acres of new woodland and planting to provide a screening buffer around the site, on top of a landscaped bund. The width of the landscaping would be extensive – between 20-80 metres wide and now includes evergreen species as well as an array of native species, including the rare Black Poplar which is indigenous to the area
  • Ensuring there is no access to or from Buckland Road
  • Changing the transport strategy to avoid routing any Arla vehicles on the A413 or town centre roads
  • Ensuring more vehicles use the A41 Bypass to London, which has a two way daily capacity of approximately 75,000 vehicles and currently has a two-way flow of around 23,000 vehicles.
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Our Responsibility


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