Storytime with Jonny and Jelly

Milk is full of nutrients[i] that play important roles in maintaining our bodies, which is why everyone at Arla, including our farmer owners, are passionate about helping people understand our food and what to eat to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Jonny and his dairy cow, Jelly, are back for another adventure in a new and free to download storybook. On a mission to help tackle nutrition education, they’ve even teamed up with registered nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert to help them out!

Loaded with information about why nutrition is so important, children are immersed into Jelly’s inquisitive nature as they discover more. The book even features handy information including exactly what’s in a glass of milk, coupled with fun family friendly recipes to try at home.

Research[ii] shows that British parents are understandably unsure of exactly what makes up a healthy diet and lifestyle for their children and one in ten believe they don’t get enough dairy.

[i] Per 100ml milk is a natural source of protein, calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, phosphorus, iodine and potassium. Milk should be consumed as part of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle
[ii] To find out more about the research, click here

Watch Jonny and Jelly's new adventure

Jonny and Jelly’s new book takes families on a farmyard journey of discovery to uncover why we all need a healthy and balanced diet, including the cows that make our milk, with a look at Jelly’s own special breakfast combination.

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Fuel for learning

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring children have access to both food education and dairy products, we are providing thousands of Arla Cravendale vouchers to our charity partner, Magic Breakfast.


Listen to Jonny and Jelly go from strength to strength on Spotify

Come join farmer Jonny and his cow Jelly on their exciting adventure at the farm with our new children’s audiobook, available now for free!

Combine fun and learning with the children as Jonny and Jelly teach you where food comes from, what cows love to eat and what life is really like on a dairy farm!

"I am thrilled to be working with Jonny and of course, Jelly, on their quest to help children and their families learn more about nutrition and what’s in their food. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard for parents to know what they can trust, but I share the belief if we start to educate kids while they’re young, we’re helping to set them up to make the best possible choices as they grow up. We know books are a fantastic and engaging learning tool for kids, so I’m really pleased to be a part of this project."

Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Nutritionist and Spokesperson for Arla