Sneak in some sunshine

Sneak some sunshine into your little ones with our new activity guides from Arla Big Milk, the only whole milk enriched with Vitamin D. Choose an activity below to let the sunshine in!

DIY Sunglasses workshop

It’s easier than you think to make your own jazzy sunglasses! Follow our easy guide to create a stellar pair of shades that will instantly brighten any day. Help the kids sneak in some sunshine with their very own pair of specs made from everyday craft materials.

Paper sunglasses

Flower pot painting

We’ll have to wait until Spring for the flowers to blossom. The good news is you can still sneak some sunshine in by giving your indoor plant pots a sun-themed makeover! The kids will love this fun and easy activity – you can even teach them why plants need sunlight.

Painted flowerpot

Make up a new sun dance

Rain dances are an ancient practice that’s common in rural villages and hot countries across the world. But with so much rain in the UK, flip this on its head and sneak some sunshine in by making up your own sun dance. It’s the perfect chance to get those hips shaking.

Paper sun decorations

The sun may not be shining outside, but you can still bring it indoors with these easy-to-make paper decorations. Get creative with the kids using colourful paper, stick-on googly eyes and felt-tips or colouring pencils and a little imagination on a cold and wet day.

Paper sun

Sunshine bread making

Who doesn’t love baking fresh bread on a cold or wet day. Luckily, you can sneak some sunshine into your kitchen with this brilliant recipe for sunshine bread. Depending on your preferences you can either add sunflower seeds, chopped sundried tomatoes or both!

Did you know Vitamin D is created in the body from sunlight on your skin and helps to support the normal function of your immune system?

Unfortunately we don’t always get sunshine in the UK so at Arla Big Milk we fortify our fresh whole milk with vitamin D. Supporting you and your little ones no matter the weather!