Join the Big Gruffalo Adventure

Join the Big Gruffalo Adventure

Join the Gruffalo on a Big Milk adventure through the forest to find Fox, Owl and Snake – in your own home! Use our downloadable activity sheets and Gruffalo cupcake recipe to create a thrilling treasure trail for the kids, without ever having to leave the house.

The Big Adventure

With baking, colouring and an adventure through the house, this activity is designed to be both enjoyable and educational, perfect for a fun weekend with the kids. They’ll learn where the different animals live and why, alongside the excitement of the Gruffalo’s footprints being in their own home! Simply download our activity sheets, get the little ones colouring and follow our trail instructions for oodles of fun!

The Big Adventure


Follow our step-by-step trail instructions to create your very own Big Gruffalo Adventure

Gruffalo, fox and mouse in the woods

Bake some Gruffalo crumble muffins!

Create your own treasure trove for the kids with this delicious recipe for Gruffalo crumble muffins!

Activity Sheets

Download the Gruffalo Adventure activity sheets

Download and print out each of our activity sheets to get started on your Big Milk Great Gruffalo Adventure!


Decorate these footprints together, then place them around the house to lead your little ones to the Gruffalo cupcakes.

Gruffalo footprints


Cut out these clues and hide them to lead your little ones to the Gruffalo cupcakes without having to leave the house.

Fox illustration