Reshaping agriculture with sustainable farming

Sustainable Farming & Reshaping Agriculture

Reshaping agriculture with sustainable farming

Every day across the country, our farmers work their socks off to ensure our food makes it from the field to the shops and from the shops to our kitchens.

As climate change begins to impact our environment, farmers are changing the way they work for the better, using sustainable farming methods to reduce their impact on the world around them. From technology to better manage slurry to harnessing the power of renewable energy, our dairy farms are helping to grow a greener future for us all.

At Arla, we’re excited to be part of that change and we’re proud to be helping our farmers work while trying to minimize the impact on the environment through a number of green initiatives that put sustainability first.

Farming and Emissions

How do gasses and emissions from farming impact the environment? Read our in-depth guide for more information.