Sustainable packing

Packaging plays a key role in protecting the quality and freshness of our products, and we are committed to minimizing waste related to its production.

That’s why we’re working to find better ways to get more out of less, and aiming to use only recyclable packaging while increasing the included amount of renewably sourced materials such as paper fibers and bio plastics.

Actions we’ve taken to make our packaging more sustainable…

24% C02e Footprint Reduction

By using fewer materials and shifting to materials with a lower CO2e footprint, we have reduced CO2e emissions from our packaging by 24% - that's 116,000 tonnes - from 2005-2019.
More of our packaging is now recyclable
We are continually improving the design of our packaging, so it can go through waste handling systems where our consumers live, which in turn helps them contribute to a more circular flow of plastic in society.
Arla sponsors recycle week 2023
We’re joining the nationwide Big Recycling Hunt to find the things we should recycle (but sometimes don’t). Get ready to find out how we can all make a big difference by hunting out what we can recycle and recycling them more often. Read more.