Towards Carbon Net Zero Dairy: Our Climate Roadmap Action

"This is a defining decade for food. At Arla, we are committed to supporting people with affordable, natural dairy nutrition, which is recommended as part of a healthy, balanced diet by dietary guidelines across the world. We have a growing population to feed and dairy is both nutritious and accessible. But we must balance this by producing it in a way that also builds a stronger planet.”

Ash Amirahmadi, managing director, Arla UK

Our climate roadmap

Our climate roadmap sets out exactly how we will meet these targets. We know that we have challenges ahead on the road to net zero but together with our farmers, our customers and other partner organisations, we can create the future of sustainable dairy. 

Emmisions breakdown and reductions 2015-2021

Producing dairy for a 1.5⁰C world

As part of Arla’s journey to climate net zero by 2050, we have set key milestones to reduce our scope 1 &2 emissions by 63%. Our targets have been approved by the Science-Based Target Initiative as being consistent with action required to achieve 1.5⁰C. This makes Arla the first large dairy company in the UK to receive this approval.

Working hand in hand with our farmers

We will also reduce our scope 3 emissions by 30% per kilo of raw milk. We will work alongside our farmer owners to support them with innovation and new ways of producing milk in the most sustainable way possible.