Smoked Cheese

Smoked Cheese

Have you tried smoking your own cheese? It's fun and not that hard to do!


Preparation: Step 1
  • Mix the skimmed milk and buttermilk in a bowl. Cover the bowl at room temperature for approximately 1 day.
Preparation: Step 2
  • Put a cloth in the bottom of a stainless steel wire sieve (about 20 cm in diameter). Place the sieve over a bowl. Carefully place the solidified curd in the sieve and leave covered in the refrigerator for about 1 day.
Preparation: Step 3
  • Then tip the cheese out onto a dish and remove the cloth. Put the cheese back in the sieve.
Smoking: Step 1
  • Fill a metal bucket (with holes in the side or bottom) ¾ full with dry straw. Press the straw lightly together and set fire to it. Let the straw burn for approximately 2 minutes and then put a large handful of nettle on top of the fire (use work gloves) so the fire goes out and the straw starts to smoke.
Smoking: Step 2
  • Put a metal lid on the bucket for approximately 2 mins, to promote smoke development. Remove the lid and hang the sieve with the cheese in over the bucket. Replace the lid. Smoke the cheese - until it is light brown.
  • Put the freshly smoked cheese onto a serving dish and sprinkle with the salt. Serve with rye bread, radishes and chives.
  • approximately 1 minute
Top Tip

Burnt nettle can be replaced with 3 handfuls of moist straw.


Skimmed milk
1 litre
100 ml
Coarse salt
½ tsp
Caraway seeds
1 tsp
Rye bread
2 slices
50 g
20 g