Roasted Pepper Dip

Roasted Pepper Dip

Seasoned dip made of baked aubergines and peppers, sprinkled with cheese and olives. Great for salad, bread, snacks or meat.


Step 1
  • Prick the aubergine with a fork and place it in the middle of the oven on a baking sheet - until soft.
Step 2
  • Cut the peppers, remove the seeds and stem and cut into quarters. Place them with the skin side up on a baking sheet with aluminum foil and grill them at the top of the oven. Let them cool under a tea towel.
Step 3
  • Halve the aubergine and scrape the meat into a bowl. Mash it roughly with a fork. Remove the skin of the baked peppers. Blend the peppers with a stick blender. Mix the two kinds of mash and add garlic, yogurt, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. Taste.
Step 4
  • Crumble the cheese, chop the black olives and mix it together. Arrange the roasted red pepper dip on a flat dish and sprinkle the cheese mixture on. Decorate with parsley.
Baking Time
  • 40 minutes at 200 °C - traditional oven
  • 10 minutes - or till the skin is black


Red peppers
Garlic clove
Natural yoghurt
2 tbsp
Freshly Squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp
Olive oil
½ tbsp
Coarse salt
½ tsp
Freshly pepper
1 pinch
White cheese blocks
200 g
Pitted Black olives
75 g
Finely Chopped fresh parsley
5 g