Mocha Shake

Mocha Shake


Step 1
  • Soak your hazelnuts overnight to soften.
Step 2
  • To make the hazelnut milk blitz together your nuts and milk until as smooth as possible. Use a sieve to push the mixture through to remove any larger lumps that have not been broken down by the blender.
Step 3
  • Blitz your hazelnut milk with coffee until smooth and then add all ingredients bar the frozen banana and ice.
Step 4
  • Finally, add your frozen banana and ice and blend again before serving in a chilled glass.
Topping Suggestions

Garnish with red currents and grated dark chocolates (about 55% cocoa)

Arla B.O.B | Mocha Shake

Delicious ice-cold chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream. Bon appetite!


Roasted hazelnuts Soaked overnight
125 g
Arla® B.o.b milk
700 ml
1 pinch
Vanilla essence
1 tsp
Pitted Medjool dates
Cocoa powder
1½ tbsp
Small chocolate buttons for decorating
1½ tbsp
Dark chocolate for decorating
Instant coffee
100 ml
Frozen banana
2/3 Cup of ice