Mocha shake

Mocha shake

15 min
This smooth mocha shake blends the rich, complex flavours of coffee and milk with the sweet touch of cocoa. Mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream, this iced coffee delight is sure to be a favourite, putting a sophisticated twist on a much-loved classic. Garnished with grated dark chocolate and currants, it’s more than just a beverage – it's an experience. Perfect for a refreshing break or a delightful end to your meal, this mocha shake is a celebration in a glass that's ready to enjoy.


Step 1
  • Whip the cream to a light, smooth foam.
Step 2
  • Put the rest of the ingredients (excluding the garnishes) into a blender and blend on the highest speed for approximately 20 seconds. Divide the mocha shake into 2 large, chilled glasses.
Step 3
  • Top with whipped cream. Garnish with currants and grated chocolate. Serve immediately.
Topping Suggestions

Garnish with red currents and grated dark chocolates (about 55% cocoa)

Questions about mocha shake

Have you tried this delicious mocha shake yet? Keep reading below to find out more about the most frequently asked questions about it.

What can I use as a substitute for cocoa powder?
Lacking cocoa powder for your mocha shake? Grated dark chocolate is a great alternative that blends well with the coffee and adds richness. You can also use chocolate syrup for a smooth mix and a sweet chocolate flavour. Both options keep your shake indulgent and delicious.
How can I adjust the thickness of my mocha shake?
To customise the texture of your mocha shake, simply alter the ratio of milk and coffee to ice cream. To thin out the shake, use extra milk. If it's too thin, lower the proportion of milk or add more ice cream. You can also reduce the amount of water being added to the coffee by using a stronger option such as a shot of espresso instead of regular coffee.
Can I prepare the mocha shake in advance?
This mocha shake recipe is at its best when served and enjoyed immediately. However, you can refrigerate the shake (without toppings) for up to an hour or so. Store it in a container that seals tightly to prevent contamination from other foods. Give it a quick blend or shake it well in a sealed jar to make it light and creamy again before topping and serving. If you must store it for longer, you can freeze the mocha shake mixture for up to two months, but this will cause the texture to change and become more icy. Freeze it right after mixing and store in a tightly sealed freezer-safe container to keep out air and avoid ice crystals. When you're ready to enjoy the shake, partially thaw the mixture, then shake as mentioned above. Always add your toppings right before you serve to make sure they look and taste fresh.
What are some creative garnishes I can use?
Whether you want to add a dash of elegance or satisfy the cravings of a sweet tooth, there are many options to garnish a mocha shake. Dust it with cinnamon or a tiny pinch of ground nutmeg for added spice and aromatic depth, or drizzle over caramel or chocolate sauce for a stunning presentation and extra sweetness. Add chocolate-covered espresso beans or toasted coconut for a sophisticated finishing touch, or add part of a chocolate bar and colourful reusable straw for a fun vibe. Chill your serving glass in the freezer beforehand to keep your shake extra cool.
Can I use different types of milk in this recipe?
This classic mocha shake uses whole milk for its rich texture and taste. However, you can customise the recipe with different options based on your flavour preferences. For a sweeter, richer shake, try using chocolate milk. Plant-based alternatives like coconut, almond, or oat drink will also work, but they may change the shake's flavour and texture. Whatever option you choose, be sure it’s properly chilled prior to use.
Arla B.O.B | Mocha Shake

Delicious ice-cold chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream. Bon appetite!


Arla® B.o.b milk
100 ml
Whipped cream
100 ml
Vanilla ice cream
300 ml
Cold strong coffee
100 ml
Cocoa powder
2 tsp
Currants in bunches to garnish
Grated dark chocolate to garnish

Discover tips that will take your mocha shake to the next level.

Perfect the texture, boost the flavour, or add a touch of style with our expert advice for a more indulgent experience.

Tweak the sweetness of your mocha shake

If you like a sweeter mocha shake, add a bit of honey or maple syrup. Start with a small amount and adjust to your liking, but be careful not to overpower the coffee and chocolate flavours. If you prefer a less sweet drink, try replacing the ice cream with crushed or shaved ice for a lighter, frappe-style beverage that’s less creamy and sweet.

Whipped cream techniques

Start with a chilled mixing bowl and whisk for light, well-shaped whipped cream. Cold equipment ensures a better whip and texture for a topping that's as fluffy as a cloud. If you like a hint of sweetness in your cream, add a small amount of powdered sugar or vanilla extract while whipping. This also stabilises the foam and keeps it light for longer. These small touches turn the whipped cream into a vital part of your mocha shake's indulgence.

Intensify the coffee flavour like this

The choice of coffee can dramatically influence the taste of your mocha shake. Choose a medium to bold roast to complement the sweetness of the other ingredients. For a more intense coffee experience, use a strong cold brew or espresso instead of regular brewed coffee. This will enhance the coffee profile without watering down the shake's creamy consistency. Adjust the coffee amount to suit your taste for a custom coffee kick.

Keep your ingredients chilled

For a mocha shake with a perfectly creamy thickness, start with cold ingredients. Make sure the milk comes straight from the fridge and the coffee is completely cool before adding it to the mocha shake, preventing the ice cream from melting too fast. If you've just brewed your coffee, let it cool to room temperature, then chill in the fridge. If you're short on time, cool it in the freezer for 20 minutes.