Hot Soup

Hot Soup

A lovely, warm and spicy soup, served with crispy garlic croutons.


Step 1
  • Allow the butter to melt in a thick-bottomed pan on high heat, but without burning.
Step 2
  • Sear onions and garlic for ½ minute. Add the tomato paste and cook the sauce for ½ minute more.
Step 3
  • Add broth, lentils, tomatoes, chilli sauce and salt. Boil the soup covered, on a low heat for 15 minutes or until the lentils are tender.
Step 4
  • Cut the toast into cubes of 1½ x 1½ cm. Put the butter in a small baking pan and place it in the oven briefly until the butter is melted.
Step 5
  • Cook for 10 mins, at 225 ° in a traditional oven. Turn the bread, garlic and salt into the melted butter and shake the bread in the middle of the oven - toss around occasionally.
Step 6
  • Eat the warm, roasted bread with the soup alongside some Greek yogurt and sweet chilli sauce. You can add some water if the soup is too thick.


25 g
Chopped shallots
200 g
Large Crushed garlic cloves
Concentrated tomato paste
140 g
Vegetable bouillon
1 litre
Red lentils
150 g
Chopped tomatoes
800 g
Sweet chilli sauce
100 ml
Coarse salt
1¼ tsp
4 slices
25 g
Coarse salt
¼ tsp
Greek yogurt
300 g