Halloumi burger

Halloumi burger

30 min
If you are looking for the cheesiest of burgers, try this delicious halloumi burger recipe. A fantastic vegetarian burger made of tasty halloumi, a tangy and firm cheese that originates from Cyprus. In this recipe we give it a twist by adding a tasty red onion salsa, read below for more!


Dip for potato wedges
  • In a bowl, combine the plain Arla® Skyr, salt, paprika and chilli.
  • Cover and set aside in the fridge until serving.
  • Bring the sugar, vinegar and water to the boil in a saucepan. Add the red onions and spring onions and cook for 2-3 minutes. Drain the onions from the mixture and set aside in a bowl.
  • Boil down the mixture over a high heat, without a lid, for about one minute until the consistency is similar to a thick syrup. Pour the stock - mixture- over the onions and stir in the rest of the ingredients.
Halloumi burger
  • Warm the burger buns and arrange the avocado slices and rocket salad on the bottom buns.
  • Heat a grill pan for about four minutes on a high heat. Grill the cheese slices for about two minutes on each side or until they are seared. -Spread the cheese and a tablespoon of salsa- on the bottom buns and add the top bun.
  • Serve the halloumi burger with the rest of the salsa, potato wedges and dip.

Questions about halloumi burger

A halloumi burger is a fantastic vegetarian alternative to regular meat burgers. Read below the frequently asked questions of a halloumi burger.

What complements halloumi?
As one of the most versatile ingredients in the world of food, there are many ways you can serve up your halloumi. If burgers aren’t your thing, try swapping in halloumi as an alternative in some of your favourite dishes – from pasta to salads, and curries to kebabs. Halloumi works well with just about any taste combination – you can even try serving it up with eggs and toast at the breakfast table!
Does soaking halloumi make it less salty?
Soaking halloumi before cooking is a great way to remove any excess salt preservatives in your halloumi. The best way to do this is to cut your halloumi into slices of between 1-2 centimetres and soak for anywhere between 3-6 hours. If there’s still too much salt for your taste, you can also try simmering your halloumi in water for about five minutes – however this will also soften the texture so be sure to chill your halloumi again before grilling.
Can you fry halloumi without oil?
Halloumi can be fried without oil however it may not have the same golden-brown glow as you would get from frying with oil. The best way to fry without oil is to use a non-stick pan to make sure your halloumi doesn’t stick or burn under the heat. Fry for about 2-3 minutes on each side and flip the halloumi often. Grilling is also another popular and leaner way to cook halloumi – and of course you won’t need any oil.
What stops halloumi from melting?
Traditional halloumi is typically not made to melt easily and should retain its firm texture when it’s heated. This is down to the high proportion of goat’s and sheep’s milk that give the cheese its complex protein structure and make it not-so-meltable. However, some varieties that contain a higher proportion of cow’s milk may be more likely to melt under a low heat. To avoid this, try frying or grilling your halloumi on a higher heat to sear the outer texture – making the halloumi crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.


Halloumi burger
Burger buns
Halloumi cheese
200 g
Sliced avocado
Rocket salad
50 g
3 tbsp
White vinegar
50 ml
50 ml
Sliced red onions
Freshly squeezed lime juice
1 tbsp
Diced red and yellow cherry tomatoes
250 g
Thinly sliced spring onions
¼ bunch
Sea salt
¼ tbsp
Serve with potato wedges
Oven roasted potatoes wedges
1 kilo
Dip for potato wedges
Plain Arla® Skyr
200 g
Sea salt
½ tsp
Smoked paprika
½ tsp
Ground chilli

Grill up some happiness with a halloumi burger

Grilled halloumi is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a hamburger alternative. This grilled ‘cheese burger’ with a twist is not just for vegetarians but is a taste enjoyed by food lovers all over the world. What’s more, its rich and distinct texture make it perfect for grilling and frying – all the things needed to make the perfect burger to share with friends (and for snapping on Instagram)!

Halloumi origins

Halloumi is a classic Eastern Mediterranean cheese made by mixing goat’s and sheep’s milk. It’s believed to have originated in Cyprus many centuries ago and is a staple of many dishes in the region to this day. While it can be served as a standalone dish hot or cold, it’s more commonly served as a tasty complement to salads or a meat alternative in dishes such as pastas, pizzas and burgers. Today, you’ll find halloumi across most local supermarkets worldwide.

Delicious and unique side dishes

Halloumi burgers can be served up just like any other burger – with a whole range of side options to choose from.
If you’re looking for something light, sides such as green salads, bean salads, potato salads and coleslaws can offer the perfect crunch to go with your halloumi burger. For a heartier meal, traditional burger sides such as fries, potato wedges and onion rings go just as well with halloumi. You can even try varieties such as oven baked root vegetable fries or sweet potato fries.

Sauce it up with these flavour combinations

Halloumi has a mild taste which means it goes well with a whole range of sauces and seasonings – the only limit is your personal taste!
Traditional burger condiments such as ketchup and mayo are popular choices. If you would like to add more smoke and taste, try serving your halloumi with BBQ sauce, ranch dressing or Thousand Island dressing. If you would like to add a touch of heat, hot sauce, sriracha and even a splash of tabasco are a great way to spice things up!