Creamy Noodle Soup

Creamy Noodle Soup

Creamy, spicy noodle soup with exotic spices. It not only tastes great looks good too.


Step 1
  • Whisk the cooking cream and coconut milk in a large thick-bottomed pan on a low heat.
Step 2
  • Add the broth, fish sauce, sambal oelek, ginger, lemon grass, lime peel and juice and salt.
Step 3
  • Leave the soup to boil on an even heat, covered, for approximately 15 minutes.
Step 4
  • Remove the lemon grass and add the carrots, peppers and edamame beans.
Step 5
  • Bring the soup to boiling while stirring. Add the bean sprouts and apple, heat the soup and taste.
Step 6
  • Break the noodles into smaller pieces and cook them according to the instructions on the packaging.
Step 7
  • Rinse the noodles in cold water so that they do not stick together. Divide the noodles into 4 bowls and pour the soup over. Serve with hard bread.
Top Tip

For a more full-bodied soup you can add 400 g of chicken fillet in bitesize chunks. Add the raw chicken meat to the soup before the vegetables and let the soup boil for approximately 5 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients."


Coconut milk
400 ml
Single cream
250 ml
Vegetable bouillon
800 g
Thai fish sauce
1 tbsp
Sambal oelek
1½ tsp
Fine Fresh ginger
2 tsp
Stem Of lemon Grass
Lime fruits Peel (Unwaxed)
2 tbsp
Freshly Squeezed lime juice
2 tbsp
Coarse salt
1½ tsp
250 g
Red pepper In Thin Short Strips
Thawed Edamame beans (Soybeans)
150 g
Beans Sprouts
100 g
Red apple In Very Small Cubes (Approximately 100g)
Rice Noodles (About 240g)
150 g
Hard Stale Bread
4 slices