Chia porridge

Chia porridge

1 h
Our vanilla chia porridge with crunchy almonds and plenty of fresh fruits is a colourful and decorative breakfast treat. Prepare it just before you go to sleep, and it is almost ready to be enjoyed in the morning, by simply adding fruits and toppings before it is ready to savour. The pudding-like treat may also be served as part of a delicious brunch spread or used as an easy dessert or snack that will delight friends and family alike. Try our simple chia porridge and enjoy this sweet and creamy delight when you are in the mood for something scrumptious.


Step 1
  • In a bowl, mix milk, skyr, seeds, and lime juice well.
Step 2
  • Cover the mixture and place it in the fridge for at least 4 hours – preferably overnight.
Step 3
  • Place the fig slices against the edges of 4 glasses. Stir the firm chia porridge and pour it into the glasses so it presses the figs up against the glass. Place the fruits and almonds on top.
Step 4
  • Garnish with lemon balm and serve immediately.

A great tip for how to make chia seed porridge with an even texture is to stir the milk, skyr, lime juice, and chia seeds very well until all the seeds are incorporated. Then let it sit for a few minutes before mixing it again. This way you can ensure that there are no lumps in it before you cover it and transfer it to the fridge and that it does not separate as you leave it in there overnight.

Questions about chia porridge

Chia porridge with fruits and nuts makes for a tasty breakfast treat or a decorative snack or dessert. To learn more about chia seed porridge, read the following answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How to make chia porridge?
Making chia porridge is quite easy and very hands-off. Simply, make the no-cook porridge by mixing milk, skyr, chia seeds, and lime juice well, covering the bowl, and letting it sit for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight in the fridge. After 4 hours or in the morning, arrange it decoratively by placing slices of fig up against the glasses, pouring in the porridge after stirring it slightly, and garnishing with almonds, fruits, and fresh lemon balm leaves. Serve immediately.
Can you put chia seeds in porridge?
Yes! In our chia seed porridge recipe, we use the seeds to make a creamy overnight dish with skyr that may serve either as a breakfast, snack, or dessert. But this is only one idea for how to use chia seeds in porridge. You can also use them in porridge made primarily from oatmeal, semolina, and grits. As such, you can use chia in porridge that is either cooked or uncooked. You can also sprinkle raw chia seeds on porridge, yoghurt, and even salads for crunch and texture.
How much chia can you add to porridge?
Chia seeds need to cook or soak in enough liquid to swell properly. As such, using 1-2 tablespoons of seeds per 250 ml liquid is ideal. This is why our chia porridge recipe, which contains about 1 litre of mixed liquids, calls for 6 tablespoons. The seeds may be soaked or cooked in a range of different liquids like water, milk, skyr, kefir, yoghurt, and even juice, depending on what sort of dish you are making.
How long will chia porridge last in the fridge?
Homemade chia porridge itself will keep for up to 5 days in the fridge. Simply store it in an airtight container. The toppings will also keep for up to 5 days, but it is recommendable to store the almonds in a separate container to retain their crunchiness. Also, the apple slices will need to be coated in acidic lime juice or the like to prevent them from browning as their surface begins to oxidise.


Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk
Vanilla Arla® Skyr
Chia seeds
6 tbsp
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp
Fresh figs cut into slices
Apple cut into thin slices
Pomegranate seeds
4 tbsp
Fresh lemon balm leaves

Overnight chia porridge with skyr

Chia seed porridge makes for a tasty treat. Making it with milk and vanilla skyr gives it a delightfully creamy consistency. Though chia porridge is soft, it has hints of a seedy texture as even after the seeds swell up, they still retain a bit of crunch. Vanilla-spiced skyr gives the cold dish a warming quality as well as sweet, fruity, and floral undertones that complement the quite subtle nuttiness of the chia seeds well.

You can make chia porridge overnight, and if this style of hands-off cooking appeals to you, have a look at our recipe for overnight oats, which may also be prepared with a range of different fresh and crunchy toppings. You can also try some of our other easy breakfast options like semolina porridge and oatmeal porridge.

Delicious vanilla chia porridge for snacks or breakfast

This vanilla-flavoured treat is perfect for satisfying in-between meal cravings or giving you a great start to the day. As chia porridge may keep for up to 5 days in the fridge, you can make a big batch so you can always have some on hand for an incredibly easy snack or breakfast with tasty toppings like this one.

Top with fresh fruits and chopped almonds

After making this chia seed porridge overnight, it is time to top it off with a selection of delicious garnishes. With a combination of figs, apple slices, cubed persimmon, and pomegranate seeds, you have ensured a great combination of textures, flavours, and colours.

The apples bring a wonderful crispness, while the juicy, pink pomegranate seeds add a great crunch to the creamy dish. The tartness of the apples and pomegranate seeds is beautifully balanced by the almost custard-like sweetness of the persimmon. The sweet, tender figs that decorate the chia porridge glasses also help create a wonderfully sweet, mild balance.

Almonds, too, make for a great chia porridge topping. Their crunchy texture is a natural fit with the fruity toppings, and they bring a lovely nuttiness and earthiness to the dish that mirrors that of the seeds. To round it off, fresh lemon balm leaves are added for brightness as the herb has citrussy and minty undertones that freshen it.

Add your own touch

Creamy chia porridge made with skyr and milk tastes wonderful with a range of different fruits, berries, and nuts. As such, you can make it with fresh ingredients all year round and vary it to always keep it interesting.

Try combinations like diced mango with toasted coconut and dark chocolate shavings, blood orange filets with pistachios, or mixed berries with lemon zest and cashew nuts. You can also experiment with using chewy dried fruits like tangy cranberries and sweet raisins.

To achieve the same decorative effect the slices of fig create, you can use sliced kiwi, dragon fruit, citrus fruit, or strawberry, depending on what sort of look and colour scheme you are going for. A mix of different colours or a monochrome look may look equally aesthetically pleasing.