Cardamom coffee

Cardamom coffee

10 min
Dive into the enchanting aroma and bold flavours of a cup of cardamom coffee. This drink blends the strength of fresh coffee with the sweet spice of cardamom. It's a warming blend that's perfect for a luxurious morning start or an aromatic afternoon break. Easy to make and rich in taste, this coffee turns your daily routine into a moment of bliss, suitable for any occasion.


  • Pour the coffee into a glass or cup. Sweeten to taste with cane sugar.
  • Heat the milk to the boiling point and whisk until frothy. Pour over the coffee.
  • Sprinkle with cardamom.
  • If possible, add a whole cinnamon stick to mix with.

Cardamom coffee FAQs

If you have question about cardamom coffee, keep reading below to find out the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is cardamom coffee?
Cardamom coffee is an aromatic brew that is characterised by its infusion with cardamom, a fragrant spice derived from the seeds of a plant in the ginger family. Known for its strong aromatic qualities, cardamom adds a unique citrusy, herbal and slightly peppery flavour to coffee, providing a sensory experience that is both exotic and comforting. It is usually served strong in small cups and can be enjoyed with or without sugar.
Can I use whole cardamom seeds instead of ground cardamom?
Yes, whole seeds are a great substitute for ground cardamom and will give your coffee a slightly stronger flavour. Simply grind the seeds and use half the recommended amount of ready-ground cardamom. A good starting point is to use four pods (approximately ¼ teaspoon) for each cup of coffee, then adjusting according to your taste for future brews.
How do I create the perfect froth?
Whether you like your cardamom coffee to be thick and foamy or light and airy, there are many techniques to create the perfect froth for any taste. Explore the different methods in our (editorial title) and choose the one that suits your tastebuds best.
Can I add different flavours to my cardamom coffee?
Definitely! To sweeten and enrich the flavour of your cardamom coffee, try adding vanilla extract or seeds, or even chocolate syrup. For a stronger cardamom taste, boil the milk with whole cardamom pods before adding it to your coffee. Or, for a quick flavour boost, crush the pods and steep them in your cup for a few minutes. You can also enhance your coffee by adding a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg. These spices complement the cardamom's warmth and can be mixed into your coffee grounds before brewing.


Strong coffee
50 ml
100 ml
Cardamom seeds powder
1 pinch
Cane sugar to taste

Master the art of cardamom coffee with these straightforward suggestions.

Take each sip to greater heights of flavour and delight with our expert tips.

Customise your coffee's sweetness

Our cardamom coffee recipe suggests a hint of raw sugar for sweetness. Natural sweeteners like maple syrup, brown sugar or honey are also great alternatives and will add an interesting twist to the coffee’s flavour profile. Begin with a small amount and add to taste, ensuring your coffee's sweetness suits your preference perfectly.

Ice, ice, baby: cold cardamom indulgence

To make a chilled cardamom coffee, simply use cold coffee and milk. To recreate an equally velvety foam topping, add the cold milk and cardamom to a mason jar and shake vigorously until frothy. Consider using a simple syrup (dissolving equal parts water and sugar) instead of granulated cane sugar to ensure a balanced sweetness in every sip.

Easy steps to boost the flavours

The key to a distinctive cardamom coffee is the freshness of the spice. Use whole cardamom seeds and grind them just before you brew to capture their essence and essential oils. Toasting the ground cardamom is another simple step that will release the spice's aromatic oils, enhancing its fragrance and taste. Simply heat the cardamom in a pan over low heat, stirring constantly to avoid burning, until its aroma intensifies and it's lightly toasted.

You can also adjust the flavour by choosing different coffee roasts: a darker roast will highlight the cardamom's spiciness, while a medium roast brings out its citrusy notes.

Spicy presentations and pairings

Serve your cardamom coffee in a clear glass to showcase the beautiful layers of coffee and froth. This not only looks inviting but also lets you enjoy the full beauty of the drink. Pair the coffee with flavours that match its warmth like a slice of orange for a zesty contrast or almond biscotti for a satisfying crunch. A cinnamon roll makes a sweet and spicy companion, mirroring the spice in the coffee.