Butter Chicken with Banana Raita

Butter Chicken with Banana Raita

Butter chicken is a spicy dish from the East with aromatic spices; cardamom, coriander and garam masala. Butter chicken is best served with a creamy salad of banana and spring onion.


Step 1
  • Crush cardamom and coriander seeds, eg in a mortar.
Step 2
  • Put the yogurt in a bowl with tomato paste, ginger, garlic and the other spices. Mix the marinade well together.
Step 3
  • Cut the each chicken fillet into 3 pieces and place them in the marinade. Let the meat marinate covered in the refrigerator for approximately ½ hour.
Step 4
  • Melt the butter until golden in a saute pan. Cook the onions, stirring frequently, for about 1 minute. Then remove them from the pan.
Step 5
  • Remove the chicken from the marinade - with the sauce - and brown the meat for approximately 1 minute on all sides. Put water, the fried onions and the rest of the marinade in the pan, cover and boil on a low heat for approximately 5 minutes.
Step 6
  • Mix the yogurt with banana, spring onion (add a little to the garnish), cumin, salt and pepper. Cover the raita and place in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.
Step 7
  • Taste and leave in a bowl and garnish with spring onions.
Step 8
  • Put the seasoned butter chicken in a warm bowl and pour over the melted butter. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve with rice, naan bread and banana raita."


Butter Chicken
Ground cardamom Pods
Seeds From 16
Ground coriander Seeds
1 tsp
Greek yogurt
250 g
Concentrated tomato paste
2 tbsp
Finely Grounded Fresh ginger
1 tbsp
Smalled Chopped garlic cloves
Garam masala
1 tsp
Freshly pepper
¼ tsp
Coarse salt
1 tsp
½ tsp
Chickens Fillets
50 g
Coarsely Chopped yellow onions
200 ml
Banana Raita
Greek yogurt
250 g
Bananas In Small Cubes
Spring onions In Thin Rings
Ground cumin
½ tsp
Coarse salt
¼ tsp
1 pinch
Melted butter
50 g
Coarsely Chopped ground coriander Leaves
10 g
Chilli peppers
2 tbsp
Basmati rice
160 g
Naan Stale Bread
120 g