Beetroot salad

Beetroot salad

The deep, earthy sweetness of beetroots and the juicy tang of orange go hand in hand to elevate this easy-to-prepare salad. Perfect for the Christmas table or any winter get-together.


  • Boil the beetroot with the skin on in water until soft, 20-40 minutes. Rinse in cold water and rub off the skins. Cut the beetroot into wedges and leave to cool.
  • Peel the oranges and cut them into skin-free wedges or into pieces.
  • Mix the beetroot, orange and walnuts. Season with salt, pepper and mint.
  • Season the sour cream with ginger and salt. Drizzle some of the sauce over the salad and serve with the rest.

Beetroot salad

How do you cut beetroot for salad?
Once your beetroot is cooked, let them cool before handling. The juice from beetroot is deep red and will stain everything it touches. It’s easier to get the colour off your fingers if you rub a few drops of oil on your hands before cutting the roots. Cooked beetroot is soft and easy to cut. You can start by halving them and then cut at an angle to get wedges that will look good in the salad. If your beetroots are very big, halve the wedges before making your salad.
Can you eat beets raw in a salad?
Raw beetroot is edible but very hard. If you want raw beetroot in your salad, the best way is to use a mandolin slicer. This tool lets you slice the roots very thinly, which can be very decorative. Or you can make matchstick-thin beetroot julienne. Either way, take care not to get beetroot juice on clothes or sensitive surfaces, as the red stains are hard to remove.
How do I prepare my beetroot?
If you are boiling your beetroot, there is hardly any preparation needed. Just cut any stems away from the root before popping them in the pot. After boiling, it’s easy to rub the skins off the roots and wash them with cold water. Another way of cooking beetroot is in the oven. For this, you can peel the roots and cut them into wedges before drizzling with oil and baking them at around 200°C until they are soft.
What mixes well with beets?
One of the best accompaniments to beets is cheese. Particularly goat and sheep’s milk cheese such as chèvre or feta. The cheese can join the beets in a salad, or it can be baked with the roots for the last few minutes in the oven. Other oven-baked autumnal veggies, like celeriac and parsnip, also go well with beetroot.
What pairs well with beets in a salad?
When using cooked beetroot in a salad the classic pairing is goat cheese, toasted walnuts, and honey. Our recipe has orange wedges, which complements the deep and earthy beetroot flavour very well. If you want to make a salad with raw beetroot, you can pair it with chèvre and thinly sliced apple together with chickpeas and a mustard vinaigrette. You can also use fresh herbs in beetroot salad, the classic herb is parsley but you can also try chervil.


Fresh beetroots
750 g
30 g
½ tsp
Black pepper
1 pinch
Fresh mint, if desired
1 tbsp
Sour cream
200 ml
Ground ginger
1 tsp
1 pinch

Beetroot salad – a must-have Scandinavian Christmas recipe

Beetroot salad is a colourful side that easily transforms into a main dish with the help of a grain like quinoa or farro. With their sweet and earthy flavour, beetroots are a delicacy that belongs to autumn and winter, especially in the northern hemisphere. You will often find some version of beetroot salad on the traditional Scandinavian Christmas smorgasbord.

How to store beetroot salad

Your beetroot salad will keep for up to five days in the fridge. As always, make sure to cover the salad with cling film or an air-tight lid to keep out unwanted aromas.