Measuring the grazing of cows

Farms will complete a data log in which they will confirm the number of cows in each group, and the number of days grazed in that month (where a day is at least 6h). This enables a calculation of the number of grazing days per group in the year, with a declaration inter housing date. Herd grazing logs will be reviewed and this may be either during an on farm visit or requested for digital upload.

Cow grazing

Assessment by vets

When audited, the vet will be able to visibly assess whether the herd is grazing, as they will be able to see this physically on farm - unless it is in a day that for whatever reason they are not grazing (where weather conditions don't allow, welfare would be compromised, or for management reasons such as TB testing). In this instance, the auditor would still be able to assess the extent of grazing through the evidence of suitable grazing infrastructure (such as cow tracks, appropriate gateways, fencing etc), and would also be able to see from the visible status of paddocks (sward composition, visibility of grazed recovering grass).

Farmers talking at work

About Map of AG

Map of Ag is a specialist agricultural data integration and insights company based in the UK and operating elsewhere, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Map of Ag has a team of over 120 employees, consisting of the core development team, supported by project managers, data architects, business analysts and account managers. Supporting this team of data professionals are a range of domain agricultural experts, including vets, sustainability consultants and precision farming specialists. The team of experts work closely with the data team to help derive the most innovative and robust science-based insights possible. Trust is at the heart of how Map of Ag operates, with a mission statement to be “the most trusted global data platform connecting farms and industry”.

Cows grazing in feild

Our partnership with Map of Ag

Map of Ag have worked with Arla since 2018, predominantly on their Arla UK 360 programme, to help collate data from various farm data sources, such as BCMS, the milk recorders, and disease testing labs, and use these to generate robust and valuable insights to help with managing the 185 farms who are part of the programme. On the back of generating these insights, Map of Ag have supported with knowledge exchange activities to help drive continuous and targeted improvement on farm. Though this, the data shows there have been a range of health, welfare & productivity improvements across the Arla UK 360 programme since it began, helping to add value for Arla, its members and its customers.

Our partnership with Map of Ag