What Is Oat Drink?

What Is Oat Drink?

A taste of oat drink

Oat drink is a plant-based refreshing beverage with a light sweet taste, often fortified with fibre and vitamins. It's a great option if you want to add more plant-based products into your diet or if you are vegan. 

Oat drink is versatile in its use, serving well as a refreshing standalone beverage or as a creamy addition to your coffee, in smoothies, on top of cereals or used in various recipes.


Why don't you call Arla JÖRĐ oat milk?​

That's because plant drink and milk are two different things. Plant drinks are always made of plants, while milk comes from a mammal. European legislation states that we can only call milk the product of a mammal and In 2017, the EU Court of justice confirmed it. This is why we call our range Drinks.

What are the benefits of plant based drinks?    

Arla JÖRĐ offers a range of great tasting plant based drinks that are fortified with vitamins D and B9, as well as being a source of fibre. They are a versatile product which works well as a beverage, with your cereals or as an ingredient when cooking.

How can I use Arla JÖRĐ Oat Drinks?​        

You can enjoy it as a drink on its own or use it in any recipe or dish that calls for milk. Oat drink is delicious in coffee, smoothies, overnight oats or in cereals, and it’s also an excellent addition to any cooking or baking recipes. It can really be used for anything. Just be creative and have some fun with it.

How long do Arla JÖRĐ Oat Drinks last in the fridge?​

When purchased, the unopened best before date is on each pack. Once opened, for the best taste experience it should be used within 4-5 days. Please keep in a refrigerator and stored at a maximum of 5°C. Could still be great after the Best Before Date.

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